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Phoenix mayor asks Trump to cancel his rally

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The Mayor of Phoenix asked Trump to delay his planned rally in Phoenix until the nation can "heal" from Charlottesville.

>"If President Trump is coming to Phoenix to announce a pardon for former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, then it will be clear that his true intent is to enflame tensions and further divide our nation," Stanton said in the statement.

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Do they have a point?
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What country has the worst lower-class?
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American Military Detests Trump

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... because Nazi uber right wing fascism has no place in our military.
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Why are true conservative women so rare?
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Does Chinese Propaganda get into Japan?

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Does Chinese Propaganda get into Japan?
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Half the voting population supports or is open to your views /pol/, even after the Charlottesville fiasco.

This is huge, do not fuck this up. No more swastikas, no more Roman salutes, no more gross Reddit neckbeards. We literally have the potential to change American history forever.
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Pauline Looks Beautiful

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What the fuck is happening right now?

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People are going fucking insane... I'm not talking about faggots at rallies either, I'm talking about nearly everyone I know.

They are literally going insane? What is the deal with that? NOT ONLY are they acting weird, they have no fucking idea. What the actual fuck is happening? Is it the eclipse? I am going to pray for a long time each day, this is genuinely scary...
Oh, and it extends to politics too... notice how all the Republicans are acting like it's the Trump Tapes 2.0 and Democrats are ALL losing their shit calling for literal "Nazi" genocide?? WHAT THE FUCK!!??

This has to be some fucking MKULTRA Illuminati shit.
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Brit/pol/ - Good Morning edition

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>Grenfell fire: Inquiry to examine council actions

>Drug deaths in Scotland rose by 23% in 2016

>UK may have to pay EU in temporary customs union, Davis suggests

>North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to watch ‘reckless Yankees’ a bit longer before deciding on Guam attack

>NHS waiting times and treatment access are a postcode lottery, report warns

>Commuters brace for steepest fare rise in five years as UK inflation rises to 3.6%

>Theresa May's plan to leave EU behind by making UK global trade leader with NO borders

>Holborn Tube station evacuated after 'loud bang and smoke' - Central line suspended

>UK risks an international court case over Theresa May's plans for leaving EU single market

Previous edition: no thread lazy cunts.
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