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Dems are ratcheting up the rhetoric & corruption

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>Caravan possibly being let through
>Elections being stolen with Repubs cucking
>Obvious DEW being used in California to remove republican cities
What the fuck is going on?
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585 pages of preliminary agreements

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Le Brexit deal. Is this fucking intentional?
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Warns Trump

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'I don't do diplomacy through tweets': Macron warns Trump to show respect
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>be me a spic
>get taught by my (((white))) female teacher at school that white men are racist rich powerful greedy evil fucks. That they horde wealth and leave scraps for everybody else
>also learn that republicans are friends with the rich evil whiteys and that democrats are the obes fighting against those evil white men.
>I was young and naive so it all made sense
>I also observed that most rich owerful men are indeed white
>voted democrat when I turned 18
>over time I start noticing that the rich powerful evil men who I thought were white are actually Jewish
>Start diving deeper
>discover that every single outlet that distributes any type of entertainment or media is delivered to us by Jews
>that most politicians are payed by Jews
>even our fucking food is distributed by Jewish owned conglomerates
>relaize that throughout history every misfortune that occurs "coincidently" happens to have Jews in the foreground and Jews benifiting from said misfortune (ex. ww2 lead to the defeat of white nationalism and lead to zionism/the roman empire fell after jews came in/the soviet union was created and destroyed by Jews/etc.)
>realize that most of my teacher were in fact Jewish
>realize that the Jews used me as their weapon to further their agenda
>realize that they trick other minorities into furthering their agenda by pushing the idea of the "evil white man" at an early age
How long is it going to take for people to wake up? Its all right in front of them.
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Hey /pol/, out of curiosity, will I be allowed in the ethnostate? If not, please explain why not.
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"My Health" opt-out closes TODAY.

You just need your Medicare number and drivers license. Takes 1 minute.

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Why is /pol/ memoryholing the caravan that's now hoping the border? Only saw one thread about this all day.
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if you had a girl like this would you raise her son? what if the next 4-5 were your own?
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>be me
>full white mom, middle eastern born dad
>grew up mostly without dad due to him being in the military
>obama pulls troops out in iraq, parents split
>raised basically fully white with culture etc.
>whilst growing up i was asked about my culture often, they were surprised that i redpilled myself at an early age
>i look white in terms of appearance but my skin is a light tan and i have an arab nose
>took a DNA test, found out i am more european then middle eastern by less then a pathetic 6%

i hate the stupid fucking muslim and jewish ideology, and all of the stupid culture of the middle east.

help /pol/, how do i cope with this besides necking myself
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Why is american media so retarded?
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