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The IQ Controversy - We are all equal!

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We are all humans, we are all the same!!!!!!

Should Research on Race and IQ Be Banned?

Race differences in intelligence: how research changed my mind to overcome the “all races are equal” dogma.

Well /pol, what do you think?
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How do we fix women?
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HIS NAME WAS Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame

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European lies and corruption

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>“Greece was strangled by the creditors in 2015. We stand with Yanis Varoufakis and with the truth.” Professors Jeff Sachs (Columbia) and James K. Galbraith (Texas)

Thomas Wieser’s claim that Yanis Varoufakis and the Greek government of 2015 cost their economy 200 billion euros is ludicrous. As Wieser knows – because he was one of the architects of the policy – the Greek economy in 2015 was strangled by its creditors. The creditors inflicted severe damage from the first day: by undermining liquidity of the bank system, refusing to restructure the debt, insisting on harsh austerity, and most importantly and blatantly, refusing to negotiate or even brainstorm in good faith. The creditors’ measures were highly destructive for Greece, as even former German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble admitted. Schäuble told Varoufakis that, were their positions reversed, he would not sign! The creditors’ terms were not aimed to help Greece at all.
We stand with Yanis Varoufakis and with the truth. We know that the Greek people have the wisdom to do the same.
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My girlfriend says I can't hang out with you guys anymore

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Sorry, guys.

We almost broke up today over a fight about Rick and Morty hiring a female writer. Before you call me Reddit, neither of us even watch that show. I just commented that the show was funnier before they got a female writer, and that most of the fans were pissed, and she went through the roof.

Then I pointed out that she was just being a bitch to me because she was on her period. That made it way worse. I don't know why I follow your guys' advice. Probably because I'm always encouraged to speak my mind here and it just feels like the right thing to do and now I have no filter.

She raised her voice at me, called me a sexist asshole, and insulted my mother by saying she made me "this way". That was really personal and it hurt, so I told her she was lucky I'm not one of the 2 billion other men on earth who would just hit her until she shut up.

She cried, called me abusive, and basically threatened to leave me unless I stopped coming to 4chan, so I have to get off. I'm 26. I've been coming here since middle school. I'm literally crying while typing this. I can't believe a bunch of other guys

no men

other men like me even existed. I can't believe I grew to unironically love a bunch of anonymous men who called me a faggot and a nigger at every opportunity. In another life, I'd probably be giving head in a glory hole for male approval, and you guys kept me from that with your constant talk of avoiding degeneracy. You taught me more about the world than my shitty fucking parents ever did.

My girlfriend gets mad at me and says she can tell when I'm spending time on 4chan because I "turn into a different person".

This was actually the only place I could ever be myself. I come here specifically to shit on Hollywood, but now that I know what most of you know, I think I deserve an Academy Award for being able to go to brunch without ranting about jews and communism for the entire meal.

I love you, /pol/. Goodbye. I'll sneak a phonepost when I can.
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Occupy Wall Street

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What happened to these people?

How did the CIA and the establishment manage to destroy them so quickly?
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New Zealand will be holding a referendum on cannabis reform as part of the 2020 elections as per an agreement between the ruling Labour Party and coalition partners NZ First and the Greens. While I expect there will be a landslide for liberalisation I’m going to vote for it to remain illegal. Cancerous weed smokers are the scourge of nz/pol/ and the previous /b/ threads and deserve to suffer. The black market is preferable to the tax man and kiddies with no friends who cant find a good dealer aren’t mature enough to smoke.
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Why are Roman Catholics so cucked?
t. Greek Orthodox Christian
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What's with all the pro-Israel people here?

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They think they can change our minds.
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Remember when this board wasn't filled with neocons and boomers?

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Ron Paul remembers.

Remember Ron Paul.
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