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soldier hate thread

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Fuck these government funded welfare thugs. They murder and pillage for the Jew. They bomb and invade foreign countries for financial gain. If one is to come across a veteran in the wild, it is likely to
>assault you for wearing a army hat
>go on a incomprehension babble about how freedom ain’t free
>demand free cheeseburgers at Wendy’s
>go on long tirades on social media
>kill himself
Avoid veterans at all cost.
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Build the wall?

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Honest question
Do you guys genuinely think a wall is going to work?
The Cartels job is to get through barriers.

I think people genuinely think the inky way to become an illegal immigrant is to cross that potential wall, and that's not the case.

Flying by plane, arriving by boat. All they have to do is overstay any visas/vacations.

Do you really think a wall is going to stop that? Don't you see that a wall is a waste of time and resources?

Do you genuinely think the project would even get done if funded?
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Which is the best state in the Midwest, /pol/?
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Chris Evans attacking kids, not apologizing

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Give redpills on the Seal of Solomon so i can redpill my normie friends. Also stuff about masons because i live behind a FUCKING MASON TEMPLE
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Nothing justifies what they did. Ya hear ?
Nothing !
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Is it wrong to suggest we continue to encourage the most histrionic and deranged voices in Big Brother Media in their virtual lynching of Nick Sandmann and associates?
Should uncompromising vilification of the Covington Boys it THE loyalty test of the Progressive Left?
>If you think that Nick Sandmann is innocent, you suffer from internalized racial aggression.
>Because of your privilege, you cannot see what REALLY happened.
>If you deny the aggressive racist actions of the Covington Boys, you must be pushed out of all platforms and all spaces, because what you are doing is violence toward all the generations of people who have had to put up with rich, smirking white boys doing whatever they want and getting away with it.
And so on...
Simply sock puppet in progressive spaces and whip them up into a frenzy.
Try to get folks to organize protests.
Try to get people to make horrible threats.
Try to show the world exactly what it is we are dealing with.
It might be the long, ugly road to victory...
But, I believe this story is the most important one that has yet happened in the history of New Media...
It's so clearly a hack job, and there is ample, undeniable video evidence attesting to this fact.
It's a boat anchor, and it's dragging down an entire wicked way of being in the world.
We ought to pile on as much weight as possible.


Or not?
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This KILLS the newfag
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has won a seat on the high-profile House Oversight Committee, which is gearing up to launch a string of investigations into President Trump and his administration, a Democratic aide said late Tuesday.
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I'm a niggrr

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So, i'm a nigger. I'm redpilled enough to realize that whites aren't treated equally, so, what can i do to fight jewish agenda ?
How can i be a productive member to white society?
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