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Why is this?

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Russia happening

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Continue discussion from this thread
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Ask a foreign student who was sexually dominated in bed by a feminist anything
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This 12 year old refugee moved to the UK, learnt fluent English in 3 years and became a scientist.

So do you still want to kick him out?
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/pol/ is Albania responsible for saving Christianity & Europe???

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pic related of German SS Division named after him.

So apparently Albania is responsible for saving Christianity.

>Be Skenderbeau
>Born as member of noble Christian family
>Ottoman Mudslimes come and take you along with your 3 older brothers to the Ottoman court
>Once there your 3 brothers get killed, you end up impressing everyone including the Sultans
>Get sent off back to Albania to commit more terror and rape on your own people, which you've been brainwashed to believe are not your people
>Get red pilled by local population on who you were, no better yet, who you are.
>Bring 25 men together across Albania who all secretly corroborate the true story of what the Ottoman mudslimes did
>Secretly align all noble families of Albania, make yourself "Lord of Albania" convert back to Christianity and begin a life-long campaign against Islam
>Put together a 10,000 man army, fight the Ottomans for 25 fucking years outnumbered and outspent, kill numerous Sultans sent to kill you
>Get recognized by the Pope & get chosen to lead the next Crusade

Oh yea there's this also:

21st Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Skanderbeg

Germans named a fucking SS division after him.

His family crest of the 2 headed eagle is the current Albanian flag. He always signed his name as "Lord of Albania".

Oh yea if you ever in your life wanted to get into a fight to the death just talk shit to any Albanian about Skenderbeau.

The Ottomans hated him so much they captured 18 of his officers, brought them back to Istanbul, skinned them alive for 15 fucking days, then cut them to pieces, then fed those pieces to the fucking dogs.


Skenderbeau - potentially more red pilled than Hitler.
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Boyko fucked communists again
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When did you finally grow out of atheism, /pol/?
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Ohio Nightclub shooting

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has anybody herd any more news on the Ohio Nightclub shooting yet? All I've herd is that there were 2 shooters. 15 shot and 1 dead so far.
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>if we say being transgender is a mental illness our insurance companies are required to pay for gender reassignment surgery
>if we say that being transgender is not a mental illness then we have to pretend like it's completely normal human behavior

so which is it guys?
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Post your honest opinion about Western countries

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USA - loud and spunky, our most successful son
Canada - our quiet but loyal son, a bit too cucked
Australia - our sporty son, bit of a Chad
New Zealand - very quiet son, minds his own business
France - difficult relationship at the best of times, our greatest rival
Germany - an autistic brother who we have fallen out with in modern times, we're more alike than people like to admit though
Spain - a has-been, little more than an English tourist colony
Portugal - our oldest and best friend
Norway - not much to say, looks comfy
Sweden - never really achieved much
Finland - based commie slayers
Italy - beautiful women and food
Greece - beautiful country, a friend of Britain
Denmark - cute
Netherlands - cute but used to be a big deal
Ireland - love/hate relationship
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