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This man deserves your respect

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Fair enough hating the Jews that try and subvert us with their "fellow white people" bullshit, but this man has made a living out of going to college campuses full of liberals and speaking in defence of the white race. He's done more to take down regressives than any of us have.

Please keep in mind that when you insult him for being Jewish you're no better than an SJW that screams "you're a fucking white male!"

Also keep in mind that when you bring up the "browning of America" tweet, that wasn't a slight on white people. He just simply doesn't have a problem with people who aren't white or Jewish living in America either.

There are plenty of Jews who deserve all the vitriol /pol/ gives them; Ben is not one of them. I know zionism and neoconservatism are hated as much as globalism and leftism on here, but his good qualities outweigh the bad ones.

The guy clearly fucking loves white people and is an ally to our cause.
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Disney's `Last Jedi’ Blasts Its Way to $220 Million Opening

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The #SkepticismPlus "Task Force"!ku5RACpC!EouiOs5THU8-PzS71RWI2q9UkwGZlSTRkl-M5mrpC8c

>Kraut & Tea is running a secret discord server called The Task Force, with a crew consisting of various skeptic youtubers, a "science team," and fanboys acting as "detectives." Many of the skeptic youtubers within The Task Force will be speakers at the Kilroy "free speech conference," such as Youtubers Jeff Holiday and Wizard of Cause. The server even includes Kilroy organizer "Based Mama." They have also brought in a New York Times journalist.

>The stated goal of the server is to "debunk racists," but in reality, much of the server's activity involves cult-like plotting against Kraut's enemies and collecting information they use to smear and potentially dox those enemies. There is even a "hit list" of right-wing YTers and personalities, from people as small as Braving Ruin and Alternative Hypothesis all the way up to people as big as Black Pigeon Speaks, James Allsup, and Baked Alaska. Many of these people do not even discuss "race realism" as a regular subject, and so the motivation for Kraut's crew seems to be ideological, rather than academic.
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I turned a left-wing antifa supporting liberal into a national socialist
Ask me anything /
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RIP Ibrahim Abu Thuraya

Peaceful protester and amputee taken out by Israeli sniper for no reason.
(The Trump I voted for was not going to kiss up to “Bibi” fucken Netanyahu)
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How to move on ?

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After getting red pilled, you begin to reject society and society rejects you. Some of us have been through this, others are on this path. To clarify, I'm talking about that turning point in your life when it instantly flips your entire world upside down, the "final redpill". You know it all in depth, and you've spent to much time researching it...CIA, FBI, NASA, EU, NATO, Jews, Ancient Civilizations, AI, Aliens, Mars, Races, Religions... The list goes on and on.
How to fight it? Why do even fight it at all ? Is there any chance to win ? Will do human race ever be free ? And one of the questions I ask myself every day, should I even integrate in society at all again ?

Also, redpill general.
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rare hitler thread

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post rare hitlers
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1. Print posters:
2. Spread these memes:
3. Retweet these:

Use #MyBordersMyChoice plus additional hashtags for spread: #NoMeansNo, #MeToo, #KatesWall, #KateSteinle

Posters go up Jan 14th on campuses. The next day we grab the popcorn.
Students & profs should be back from holidays by then & Sunday night will quiet for posting.
Bonus points for feminism-related areas:
Women's & gender studies depts, feminist clubs, office doors of feminist profs, etc.
Ignore shills advocating illegal activity & rip down non-official (shill) posters if you see them.
Shariablue is shilling against this hard, please ignore them & stick to the rules.

Godspeed anons.

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>libtard professor is triggered because these goddamn kids are too woke
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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

>It's the most wonderful time in 8 years
>Joe is Joe Christmas Songs

TrumpTV Weekly Updates:

>Pres Trump Weekly Address #43 12/16/17
>Pres Trump departs WH for Camp David 12/16/17
>Pres Trump returns to WH w/new hat 12/15/17
>Pres Trump visiting Marine Heli Squad One 12/15/17
>Pres Trump/Chief Kelly/AG Sessions/FBI Wray @FBI Natl Grad Ceremony 12/15/17
>Pres Trump departs WH on MarineOne 12/15/17
>Pres Trump statement before leaving WH 12/15/17
>AG Sessions Press Conf on Crime & shillary 12/15/17
>SoS T-Rex presser @UNSC 12/15/17
>SoS T-Rex tells NoKo Rep to go fuck himself 12/15/17
>SoS T-Rex @UNSC on NoKo 12/15/17
>SoS T-Rex meeting russian counterpart @UN 12/15/17
>This Week @State 12/15/17
>Pres Trump talks about deregulation 12/14/17
>US/MEX Strat Diag on Transnational Crime (AG Sessions/DHS Sec Nielsen) 12/14/17
>SoS T-Rex hosts US/MEX Strategic Dialogue 12/14/17
>IntSec Zinke Work Env Survey 12/14/17

OP pastebin:
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