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Do you approve smacking?

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I used to be smacked as a child when I was naughty. I felt it was normal and still do only in some circumstances. Nowadays it's different through as laws have changed
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How Bad is canadian HealthCare

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I have heard it takes months to actually be seen by a doctor. how bad is it?
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Army vet claims "cultural appropriation", butthurt about frat party

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Canadian Housing Market Thread count.

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ITT: Canadian Housing Market Thread cont.
>we're fucked
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Best looking nazi thread?

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Best looking nazi thread...
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Beat the Commies

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Help the ethnic Kekistanis beat the filthy leftist communists.,-499

Kekistan is heavily outnumbered and needs help ASAP,-499
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Richard spencer CNN tonight at 10pm

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So spencer is going to be on CNN tonight. And based on the preview it looks hilarious

here is a trailer preview
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host this shit B
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>I don't think France as bad as people say it is.
>Arrive in France

Holy fucking shitballz

I knew that you faggots had a habit for surrendering but what the fuck have you done?

>Downtown Paris is like a third world African slum.

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Which group of people do you hate the most?

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Some additional poll options have now been added. Vote and post who you voted for!

Required viewing for r/the_donald:
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