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Godfrey Bloom (UKIP) Names the Jew!

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whats it like to be a racist?

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i cant imagine what its like to hate people based on something as petty as skin color.

personally i judge people as individuals but i guess that takes a high IQ.
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>Trumptards will defend this
Go ahead, post "haha fuck off cuck MAGA" while you support the most Israel cucked President of all time
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>/pol/ is just white suburban loser incels who want to bring back racism and sexism because it will force white women at them and is the only way they would ever get laid.

You know this is the truth behind all the bullshit and mental gymnastics alt right has. A bunch of virginal white crybabies saying GIVE MY ENTITLED DELUSIONAL ASS AN OBLIGATORY WHITE WOMAN WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH
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How the HELL are we gonna fix western women?
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Will China become a Christian nation?

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I often see claims that Christianity is exploding in China and that the country is on its way to being converted and becoming a Christian nation. Is there any truth to this? Or is it all wishful thinking on the part of Western Evangelicals?
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Just kill me

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> be me
> recently joined church to get community
> it worked. Said I would help out
> tomorrow we are going to hand out gift certificates to trudeau's syrian migrants
> pastor said some shit about not saying merry christmas cause it might offend them

what do?
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Why are trumpanzees so fucking retarded. They're literally cucks for the elite shitting on them like pic related.

Holy shit they're even directly responsible for the the imminent death of the internet.

Fucking hell stop being retarded and stop ruining the country you dumb asses
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Why don't you own bitcoin, /pol/?
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Who is the the worst:

Niggers, spics or muslims?
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