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Why do you guys glorify asian women?

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They're ugly as fuck. I don't get how even white guys think they slightly attractive.
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Is music doomed now?
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Paid Soros shill here

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Ask me anything,haters will be ignored
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America Needs a Dose of German Guilt

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Can these kikes be any less transparent?
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>single-handedly restores the faith in white woman
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How will /pol/ deal with the fact that Brazil will soon be first world?
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Have you ever been to a ghetto full of black people /pol/?

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I live in a very white city thankfully, not a whole lot of niggers. Have you ever been to one alone? What happened?
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Should the government introduce an age gap law?

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In order to avoid un-PC relationships between men and girls, should men aged 30 and above be not allowed to date girls aged 7 years or more younger than them?

Obviously, this would not apply to older women as there is no exploitation potential from a relationship of e.g. a 17yr old boy and a 35yr old experienced woman.
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the alt-lite has turned on him
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