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Women were a mistake

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>When German newspaper Welt jokingly asked whether she sounds an alarm on entering the dressing room, to ensure her players cover themselves up, the tough-talking blonde gave a cutting answer. "Of course not, I am a professional -- I base my selections on penis lengths," the 30-year-old replied sarcastically.
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What did he mean by this?

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Is Obama the most loved President?
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This is unironically a white family in America.
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Bolsonaro APPRECIATION Thread

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We show love to the world's greatest president.

>twenty days in
>brazilians have guns again
>ended bullshit environmentalist legislation
>ended useless indigenous socialist larp lands
>economic reform coming next week
>social security system under heavy surveillance to stop the hundred thousand scams that were draining resources
>increasing pressure on Venezuela to get its shit together

Is there any doubt this guy is /ourLula/?

We'll become so powerful we might be the next USA.

>inb4 kike slave

You should know being pro-Israel is a Right-wing thing in Brazil because lefties love Palestine and terrorists. We barely even have any jews here. His son likes Israel because he is engaged to a gorgeous jewish girl.
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>TAPACHULA, Mexico (Reuters) - Hundreds of mostly Honduran migrants entered southern Mexico on Friday, joining around 1,000 other people from Central America who crossed a day earlier and putting to the test Mexico’s vows to guarantee the safe and orderly flow of people. The cohort crossed into Chiapas state before dawn without needing the wrist bands that officials on Thursday gave migrants to wear until they could register with authorities, several migrants and an official told Reuters. “The road today was open,” said Marco Antonio Cortez, 37, a baker from Honduras traveling with his wife and children, ages 2 and 9. “They didn’t give us bracelets or anything, they just let us pass through Mexico migration.” A migration official at the entry point, who asked not to be named because she was not authorized to speak to media, said that at least 1,000 people crossed from Guatemala into Mexico by around 5 a.m., without needing wrist bands. Migration officials did not reply to requests for comment on why the wrist bands were not required on Friday. The migrant group proceeded on foot alongside cars on a highway, accompanied by federal police officers, arriving at a shelter in the city of Tapachula around midday. Mexico’s migration institute said in a statement the migrants can stay in temporary shelters in Mexico until they receive humanitarian visas allowing them to remain in the country, or they wait in Guatemala for their document to be ready. Groups of migrants left El Salvador and Honduras earlier in the week, the latest in a string of caravans of people largely fleeing poverty and violence.
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Post pictures that represent America

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Does she have a point or am I witnessing something truly awful
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Women are responsible for the never ending ride

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never forget
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National Socialism vs Fascism Thread

From all political Ideologies, these two are clearly the greatest and most successfull ones in history
However i cant decide which one of them is better
What are the key differences between those two and why is one better then the other?
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