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The NWO is onto us and is trying to get us shut down.

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Yesterdays terrorist attack was likely a false flag attack the elites likely knew this attack was gonna happen before it happened and this message was likely left so that the media can have justification to shut free thinking portals like /pol/ down it's obvious that no amount of shilling will break us. so prepare accordingly.
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Really makes you think huh?
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Year 1071:
>W-We are sure going to stop Turks from invading Anatolia, our army is bigger than theirs! Turks will get rekt
Year 1176:
>W-We are going to retake Anatolia back from Turks, Anatolia will be christian again, deus vult!
Year 1396:
>W-We are going to stop Turks from conquering Constantinople and Balkans, also save the Christians in Bulgaria, Deus vult!
Year 1444:
>W-We are going to save Byzantium from Turks, we've created a very large Crusader army, Deus supports us
Year 1453:
>T-Turks can't conquer Constantinople, they don't have the tech for this.
Year 1526:
>T-Turks can't invade entire Hungary, HRE backs us! Also god supports Christians
Year 1593
>O-Okay now we have Safavids and entire Christian alliance on our hands, this time turks will lose!!!!!!!!!
17th century
>why is this happening
18th century
>HAH! Now we are going to destroy the Turks!
19th century
>Turks will die in 20 years, i guarantee youthat
>Turks are fucked up now, we're going to retake Istanbu- i mean Constantinople and give Anatolia to Greece

When will you Giaour subhumans accept Turkish supremacy already? Allah created us to tame you white subhumans so bow down to your overlords who's been kicking white ass for 1000 years. Turkey is eternal, the sooner you accept this truth the less butthurt you'll be
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>ahahah just keep killing us and making our city look like a 3rd world, war torn shithole, we don't care
>terrorists won't make us upset

Why are leftists so retarded?
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What did he mean by this /pol/?
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Dr Phil redpilling the normie masses. It's happening.
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>in college language lab
>thick shortstack QT "gamer gurl" sitting next to me
>wearing overwatch shirt
>ask about it since wanna fuck
>"oh its actually from kittycat gamer, yaknow, gamegrumps!"
>haven't watched since Jon left
>"The show was much better with Jon"
>she's upset by this
>"eww no
>girl behind me overhears
>"You mean that racist sack of shit?"

Why is Jon suddenly so hated? If you've ever seen his work before his debate with Destiny, he's always had opinions and views that were against the norm

shit he would even say nigger on gamegrumps

2 weeks ago Jontron was a respected dude, now the general libtard consensus is that he's literally hitler

so, is he /ourguy/ or just misunderstood?
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Are magic mushrooms /pol/ approved?
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Syria General /sg/ - Ready or not, Tiger comes for you

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Everything you need to know


>Newest Interviews with Assad

>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Deir Hafer Mar21
>Mosul Mar20
>Palmyra Mar17
>Raqqa Feb23
>W Aleppo Feb23
>DeZ Feb23
>W Daraa Feb22

Developments Mar22
>SAA cuts off Raqqa-Deir Hafer highway by capturing village Umm Adisah
>Hama:Jihadist take control of Khattab, Souran, now target Mhardeh area
>Jobar: SAA regains the lead,jihadists retreat
>SAA reinforcements deployed to Damascus, Hama battlefields
>US airdrops SDF fighters in W Tabqa to cut off the Aleppo-Raqqah&capture Tabqa Dam fom IS
>Jihadists fire 25 rockets at RU Hmeimim airbase in SW Latakia
>Jew warplanes hit SAA targets in Damascus countryside
>Turkish soldier killed by sniper fire from Kurdish-controlled Syria
>US airstrike kills 33 on a school strike in W Raqqa
>3300+ former militants granted amnesty in Aleppo
>Red Cross warns on mass hunger in Yemen, Somalia
>Iraqi forces starrt offensive against IS in new Mosul districts
>Iraqi forces advance against IS in Mosul in a bid to capture the Iron Bridge
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Civilization we lost [Feels Warning!]

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I will start with most known photo.
Most people don't even know how much was lost AFTER the war.
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