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Transphobes Btfo
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study finds blacks are genetically stronger than whites

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/pol/ btfo
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Uhhmmm... Can we ban guns yet sweetie?

>'Oh my god no!' Tragic 911 call of father begging his daughter, nine, 'please don't go' after he accidentally shot and killed her while teaching his sons about gun safety
>Eric Hummel is facing charges of battery, neglect and reckless homicide over the shooting death of his nine-year-daughter, Olivia, on June 10
>New audio from his frantic 911 call after Olivia was shot has just been released
>In it, the shocked father pleads with his daughter not to die from the gunshot
>Hummel accidentally shot her after pulling the trigger of his semi-automatic handgun without realizing it was loaded while teaching his kids about gun safety
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Brit/pol/ - You Fund This Shit edition

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>Michael Bond, Paddington Bear creator and author dies aged 91

>Six face charges over Hillsborough disaster

>No final Grenfell death toll "this year"

>Northern Ireland secretary warns over talks deadline

>Immigration detainees (illegal immigrants) bring legal challenge to what has been described as £1 an hour "slave wages"

>Number 10 reveals public sector pay cap under review - after Theresa May "hears the message" that voters are "weary"

>Bank of England chief says it is not time for an increase of interest rates

>Man hit by bus while walking street, proceeds to walk into pub and have a pint
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Redpill me on Soviet Union

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Was living there really that bad as americans said?
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Instead of foreign aid (feed a man a fish), why don't we invest in foreign agricultural land and sponsor refugees to work there, thus providing both food and economic security (teach a man to fish)?
We could create farming communities within neighbouring countries (who are also signatories to the 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol) and export their produce to global markets (through trade deals), thus creating a capitalistic business model for self-reliance, self-management and self-sustainability?
Furthermore, the land we purchase or lease from the host country would financially support them to better manage the refugee influx they're currently struggling with.
Would this work? If not, why not?
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no one needs an ar15 or a handgun

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explain to me why you need a semi automatic rifle? you cant. no one does. hunting and target shooting are better done with bolt guns. unless you are a spreeshooter or a manchild no civilian needs semi automatic firearms.

>muh tyrannical gubmint

you cant do squat vs our nigger and spic army with your 5.56 peashooter

>muh shall not be infringed

youre already 'infringed' cletus. its called the NFA and the Hughes Amendment.

>you cant take our guns. it would be civil war!

um, no sweetie. the australians handed in their guns and so will you.
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How true is this?
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Varg and lifting

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>golden one is challenging Varg to make a video about lifting weights
>says in return will upload a critique of Christianity.

Let's get this going