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The politics of sexual dimorphism -- why National Socialism is perfect for White People

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blacks and asians have the lowest range of sexual dimorphism, which means all jews, gooks, and chinks are effeminate, and all niggers are male.
This is the reason why the members of these races are all identical to each other, for example 100% of all blacks vote democrat and all gooks wear masks, drive poorly, and do whatever the government tells them, and why all jews do evil satanic things.
White people have the highest range of sexual dimorphism, which is why we build the most freedom and best warriors, best societies, and strongest genetics with the most advanced and civilized rule systems, technology, and why White Women are the only beautiful females on the planet.
This is why National Socialism will always work best in 100% White People nations, and why it works so perfectly.
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Hungarian KFOR units have refused to intervene against Serbian terrorists. They instead stand with their shields lowered and local Serbs clap and applaud them and even shake hands with Hungarian KFOR.

When will Hungarians be kicked out of NATO??? Siding with Putler over Ukraine, now siding with Serbia? WTF?? My opinion of Bozgoristan gets worse by the day and I didnt even know it can sink any lower.
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2020s will be the decade of inceldom

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Wombyn's standards are getting higher and higher.

Soon it'll be over even if you're 6'2" and don't have a marble-chiseled jawline.

How the fuck are normal dudes supposed to cope with this joke of a society?

For the majority of men, it's beyond over.
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Influential families from France, big in film

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My radar is getting better and better. So it started off by seeing a picture of Léa Seydoux. Since almost every actor has something shady going on, I looked her up and oh boy, I guess we have found another rabbit hole here.

L. Seydoux is a 38 year old actress from France and the daughter of Henris Seydoux and his cousin (!), Valérie Schlumberger. This was the first hint I took, because marying and reproducing this closely blood related screams nobility. Henris Seydoux is co-founder and president of the French "Parrot SA" company that produces drones and specialises in wireless communiciation. They also prouduce drones for the US Army and police.( Although Henris is a billionaire and his company is listet in a version of the French Dow Jones, there is no English Wikipedia entry or easily available information on this man that is not in French.
Her granduncle is Nicolas Seydoux who is director of "Gaumont". Her grandfather was Jérome Seydoux, who was president of "Pathé". Both are well known, rich cinematic institutions.

Jérome Seydoux, Léas grandfather, is the son of René Seydoux Fornier des Clausonne, nobility that origins from Switzerland, and his mother, funnily enough, Geneviève Schlumberger.

Valérie Schlumberger, the mother of Léa origins from the Schlumberger family in Alsace. The Schlumberger Limited company "is both the world's largest offshore drilling company and the world's largest offshore drilling contractor by revenue." They have their headquarters in Curacao, a small carribean island, which brings me back to Léa Seydoux, who said that she was molested by Harvey Weinstein.

"But Anon, take your meds, these are simply influential people." In summary, we have two dynasties, one of them nobility, connected with each other that are big in film, military drones and oil. Please Anons help me connect the dots here.
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Why euros fear and hate cars

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The nu-communists of the west are preparing to copy-paste the Soviet Union's model of spreading commieblocks all over the place, for the exact same reason that the Soviet Union did. Which was to inject the Asian populations of the East into the all-slav West.

Except that this time it's one point two billion niggers. The "climate refugees".

To do this, which they cannot at this point, they must get rid of private property. The idea that you own something needs to be revoked from your consciousness. If all people use private cars, then there isn't an infrastructure in place to provide transportation for so many nigger refugees as the streets would be clogged up constantly. Public transportation *NEEDS* to be enforced. To achieve the widespread adoption of that public transport, the private combustion engines need to be banned and replaced with centrally-controlled electrical ones. You achieve that by claiming that you're the literal devil destroyer of Earth by driving a diesel engine. Then people just stop driving them.

From then on we reach phase two - where the fuck do you house these people? Phase two involves another blow to private property which is the rural farmland. That's where the new cities will appear like they appeared during the Soviet times. Kulak land gets eminent domained, an entire neighborhood of commieblocks appear on it, and a portion of Kazakhstan gets free new apartments in Western Russia.

Except that it will be niggers and they will be 1.2 billion. Basically half of Africa and Southern America.
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/grow/ Gardens against globohomo

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>Kek whatcha growing frens?
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Nothing to see here, goy.

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>Two Italian intelligence agents and a retired Israeli security forces member were among four victims of Sunday's boating disaster on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, local officials say.

>They named the Italians as Claudio Alonzi, 62, and Tiziana Barnobi, 53. The Israeli was identified as Shimoni Erez, 50.

>Anya Bozhkova, the 50-year-old Russian wife of the boat's captain, also died.

>The vessel with more than 20 tourists and crew sank in strong winds.

>According to Italian news outlets, the boat had been carrying about 25 people who were celebrating a birthday when a storm developed over the lake, later turning into a "small hurricane".

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How do we deal with the femcel issue? Seems like their is a rapid rise:
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Desantis Law restricts 2023 Furry convention to 18+

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and furries everywhere are furrious

>"I just wanted children to hug my leg, it has been my lifelong dream,' said one furry convention-goer. "The law is heartbreaking. Desantis is all about ruining children's fun and innocence."

idk why you guys don't like this desanta guy he seems pretty based to me