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Aus/pol/ Chinese Hackers Edition

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>ASIO overwhelmed by foreign spying threats against Australia in past year

>Crown Casino 'tampered' with poker machines, former staff allege, as Andrew Wilkie tables claims in Parliament

>'Courageous' bystanders tried to stop boy who died at Newcastle pool from hurting himself

>'It's soul destroying': NDIS teething problems make many feel they're not worth the help

>Dave Hughes took a pay cut to give Kate Langbroek pay parity

>Ayden Devereux jailed after filming gang rape of teenage girl

>Turnbull presents a policy which helps him escape the energy “crisis” and Liberal rebels

>Government and Labor want to see Australia’s worst child molesters locked away for life

>Bega saves hundreds of Aussie jobs by acquiring Kraft peanut butter factory

>Grandmother who 'slashed grandson with meat cleaver' to undergo mental health assessments

>HSC students asked to apologise to Aboriginal poet over ‘online abuse’
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redpilled blacks

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What do other black people on /pol/ think we should do?

>The jews can't be trusted and want us as their slaves

>The whites want us to gtfo(shame because I want to study in germany)

>Africa isn't looking too good.

>Black America doesn't seem to be improving in terms of culture,and seems to be riding the Jew lies, and white guilt meme.

>women are untrustworthy, and relationships and marriage seems to be a shit deal, and will back stab us the moment the race war kicks off.
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Neo Nazi becomes Gay Jew.

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Australia to pass more gun control following Vegas attack

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Murdoch Murdoch Halloween

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Not sure if anyone posted it the other day.
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Inspiro bot thread 2

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Grab a quote from
Make it /pol/ related

Previous thread >>145720399
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Why Do You Deny Him?

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Eric and Dylan

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> Why did they do it? Where they bluepilled faggot virgins or too redpilled for their own good?
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Bongs assemble

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Has anyone noticed that for the last few months, the Police and MSM have been shilling HARD on hate speech? I mean really shilling hard. It seems that every day the police are tweeting about hate speech and MP’s through MSM.
Now what got me curious, is yesterday Sky News tweeted that the MI5 Director General said that terror plots in the UK are escalating at a rate he has never seen before and ISIS has been mentioning a lot about all the sleeper cells they have on the ready in the UK

>ISIS threaten an attack on Britain so horrific it will 'turn children's hair white'
>The terror group has warned the UK will suffer 'the lion's share' of the slaughter it intends to wield in Europe
>3000 known ISIS terrorists walking free in the UK, 800 of whom have fought in Syria

Am I wearing a tinfoil hate or am I right in thinking that there is major shilling for hate speech going on lately to make the nation scared of speaking out, because they know of the impending, major terrorist attacks that are going to take place in the UK, and they know the reactions will be?

45k football hooligans march peacefully through London against extremism and no mention of it from the MSM.

>really activates the almonds
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Poland is ok with Turkey becoming an EU member

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