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Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?
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So, after yesterday's attack, where will the next one happen? Will it be France again? Germany perhaps? Or maybe Belgium again?

Surely it can't happen in the Netherlands, right?
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Prayers to Kek

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Dear LORD KEK.. Please heal my cats ulcer so we don't have to remove his eye. He's a good cat. Praise be to KEK
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Red pill me on this creature.

Is Lloyd "Lindybeige" the face of the eternal Anglo? Does he promote the bloodletting of the Aryan people on the continent for the benefit of the Anglo islanders?
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This is going to be the biggest happening in US politics in our lifetime, even bigger than the first black president, and yet /pol/ aren't interested in it.
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>Muslim terrorist kills at least four people and injured 36, some still in critical condition

>Assistant police commissioner of Scotland Yard holds press conference

>"Our Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time, given the past behavior of extreme right wing groups"

...I'm pretty sure Muslims are the ones killing people and I see no "past behavior" of "extreme right wing groups" in the UK.

It's amazing how a Muslim can go kill a bunch of people for his ideology, yet a fucking police commissioner finds a way to blame others?


Happens around 3 minutes in.
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>killing an unborn human
>it's not her choose anymore since it's another human
how the fuck does that make any sense? on the topic of weather abortion is okay or not how I see so many people talking about
>another human bean
if a woman can just give her child up for adoption the moment it comes out of her vagina than why can't the cluster of cells aka the fetus just be removed and put in a jar until another woman comes and wants to keep growing that tumor inside of her (just an early adoption program)
sure the fetus might die in the process but hey it's just another person and he/she made the choice of starting to develop inside someone else
inb4 the woman made the choice to get pregnant
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why don't we just making smoking illegal?
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