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Give me one good reason for why education shouldn't be free

Protip: You can't

From the viewpoint of society, it's optimal that the most capable people take education, not stupid people who just happened to have rich parents

Pic related wanted an education, but she had no money, so she was forced to volunteer to get raped in front of a camera. She couldn't live with the PTSD from the rape and all the slut shaming, so she bought an assault weapon (easily available in america only), put it in her mouth and shot it. She was a straight A student, chances were that she would have found a cure for cancer if she wasn't led to become an hero
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Trump Playlist

>WH Press Brief (bring your kids to work day) 4/27/17
>Pres Trump signs EO on VA accountability/whistleblowers 4/27/17
>Pres Trump signs memo on aluminium 4/27/17 ;^)
>Pres Trump meets President Macri (ARG) 4/27/17
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania welcome Macris 4/27/17
>Senators comment on NoKo Briefing 4/26/17
>Pres Trump Federalism Event w/Governors 4/26/17
>Pres Trump Signes EO (Antiquities and Monuments) 4/26/17

>March in the Trumpenreich
>TrumpWave S P A C E
>God Emperor Trump Was Born To Rule
>Donald Trump Emperor of America
>TrumpBot vs Mexico

>Hold Back The Night
>Inauguration of Fire
>American Hero
>Trump Triumphant
>We Are The Silent Majority
>American Comeback Story

OP pastebin:
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>"I loved my previous life. I had so many things going," Trump told Reuters in an interview. "This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier."

how does it feeel falling for this burger tards?
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ITT: post things you think the other side is correct on

federal deficit and budget balance are important
bad teachers should be fired. Give good teachers a reason to be good.
social shit isn't that important.
gerrymandering sucks across the board
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Brit/pol/ - foreigners allowed edition

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>Armed British police arrest man with knives near May's office

>PM May says Merkel talk of UK illusions shows how tough Brexit talks will be

>UKIP leader Nuttall to stand in election

>'Marine A' Alexander Blackman to be freed from jail within hours

>FT: EU agency faces €400m London rent bill after post-Brexit move

>Nicola Sturgeon admits she will use SNP votes in general election to press for indy ref 2

>Labour most popular party among voters under 40, general election poll reveals

>FT: Scottish nationalists clam up on independence

>FT: UK Election Countdown: beware of tactical errors
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Putin's State destroys SJW snowflakes once again

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Hey, guys. I'm sure that you've heard about Sokolovsky case.
That russian youtuber who was arrested for disrespect towards religion and the state via playing PokemonGo in a church.

Well, today, during the trial, the state prosecutor announced his demands and described the crime Sokolovsky is accused in. The prosecutor's statements were the following:

1. Sokolovsky's goal was to form a negative opinion about women and believers.
2. Statements he made contain not only negation (of religion), but also negative (information about it).
3. The video was provoking the believers to protect their beliefs.
4. The information in the video "Block, your own anus, Roskomnadzor!", shows how (disrespectfully) Sokolovsky feeling about the state, the President, citizens.
4 The expression of disrespect to the state is unacceptable. If a person does not like it (the state), he can leave (the country), but Sokolovsky does not do this, he just expresses a negative attitude, not offering anything (positive).

For these crimes state prosecution requested 3.5 years in a labor colony for Sokolovsky.
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If blacks are so inferior, why are the best and strongest athletes always black?
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Save the west with 3 words. Go.
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Why do most of the feminist and liberal left fags have receding hairlines?

Seems like they're all going bald
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Who's laughing now? We're taking over. Don't worry you white guys can take up the shitting street cleaning jobs

da godzzz r here bro......
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