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Kraut/pol/+afd general

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LEAVE chicago ASAP

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I cannot go into details as of now with place/time, but we are going to witness something the evening in Illinois. Cops/state troopers are closing all highways (i355,i90,etc.) you will no longer be able to use public trans starting this weekend
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Does /pol/ read books? What are you currently reading? Show us your book shelf.

/pol/ book thread
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Can we have a serious convo?
Bill Maher returns tonight, and I think hes become the top mind in all of political media.
Does anyone have any evidence of him being wrong about anything?
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Finnish Americans

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Why were Finnish Americans so discriminated against in 19th/20th century America? Multiple lynchings of Finnish Americans happened.
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Pig meat.

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Why don't Jews or Muslims eat pork? And why do infidels and goyim eat pork? What is the deal with pigs and their meat?
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How Were The Russians capable of Stopping The Germans in WWII?

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It doesn’t make ANY sense. The russians were badly equip with retard tommy guns and no navy. Yet the Nazis had the Tigers and Blitzkrig and LOST IN MOSCOW.
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Catholic Uncle destroy 'white men' meme

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the final 'redpill' is here
convert, confess, repent and pray for the salvation of souls
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