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Protesters are clamouring for the ousting of Poroshenko, they are backed by Saakashvili, a former Georgian president who is now a Russian tool, part of the opposition in Ukraine. He was also the governor of Odesa, which is a mainly Russian speaking and leaning city. Hopefully our man Poroshenko can pull through it.
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Anyone else hate this Somali nigger? Why is he so rich? He's almost a billionaire where does he get his money from? He's like the best jewish puppet.
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Communist hate bread

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/Pol/ has and always will be a Christian board ITT: we discuss:
-How Christianity has positively impacted your life or those around you
-How you have tried to propel Christianity forward
-Why its important to attend mass on Sundays
-Any theological related discussions the papacy saints etc etc
All are welcome centrists and p*gans leave your bitterness at the door its unwanted here.
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/tv/ here, did you guys actually raid the user score for the new Star Wars movie to make it negative or is the mainstream media just memeing again?
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What guys do you think would be best to listen to regarding politics?

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For me I enjoy listening to people like Sargon of Akkad and Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro and some of the stuff The Rubin Report does, but what are some better guys that can give me good talking points to talk down people like feminists and socialists? Also would be great to talk down democrats in general.
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Petition to allow white South Africans to move the the U.S. Doesn't explicitly state white so they can't pull the muh racism card. Anyone against this is literally pro-genocide. Anyone for it saves white people. Win/win.
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Arguments FOR Multiculturalism?

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I always try to understand the person I am arguing with. I legitimately do not understand what is the argument for multiculturalism.

People try to say it's good because of international food or music or clothes or dance. But obviously you can just copy their food or music and not have to have the person himself physically in your country.

Let's please keep it serious in here, I genuinely wanna understand if there is something I am missing.
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Blackpill thread

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This guy is great. For all those that still believe that looks don’t matter to women then you’re absolute fucking naive retards. Watch this video and be prepared to commit suicide. This dude has great redpilling content.
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