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The Western Communist movement has been hijacked by gays and trannies

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I know none of you guys will care for a communist perspective, but I've got to post this somewhere. Say anything you want to me, I don't care.

I am an anti-gay, anti-trans Marxist-Leninist. I started by reading some anti trans feminist perspectives and had to admit they made sense. The idea that trans women were real women and should be considered as such felt comical. As time went on though, and my anti trans stance became more and more solidified, I started having second thoughts about the homosexual movement. GCs always say that transgenderism "hijacked" the homosexual movement but is this actually true? The overwhelming majority of gay rights organizations and gay rights activists let transgenderism in with open arms and continue to push for it today. That's not what hijacking is. Also, I realized that homosexuality is based mainly on a subjective identity that can not be seen rather than physical characteristics, just like transgenderism. Saying homophobia is an oppression like racism, sexism, or classism is absurd. And like, should gays be allowed to adopt? Why should children be denied a strong male role model and female role model, which makes them turn out the best. Then I learned about NAMBLA, and the fact that male gay sex is extremely unhealthy and disease ridden, and the fact that gay men are disproportionally more likely to be pedophiles. Monkeypox and AIDS were caused mainly by gay men having orgies without protection. They knew what caused AIDS and yet still participated in these actions. The insane rise in children identifying as trans is paired with children identifying as gay, which should show how useless a "gay identity" is, but GCs only talk about this in relation to trans identity. How strange.
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The rotary club ?

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I've started noticing this little wheel everywhere I'm traveling. I've seen it in France in Spain in Taiwan in Hong Kong in NY and more, what the heck is this club and why does it found random parks ?
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All going according to plan

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What did Grimes know?
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What can you worthless humans do for us so we just don’t openly exterminate you?
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>Artist David Huggins says the first time he had sex was really out of this world. The 74-year-old says in a new documentary about him called Love and Saucers.
Is this a sign the government will be creating alien breeding programs?
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Muslims are converting to Christianity
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Another day in France

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Syrian refugee stabs over 4 babies/toddlers at a playground right in front of their mothers. I saw the full video of him actually stabbing but it’s gone. Just mainstream edited videos of him running around now. This is what happens when you let refugees into your country. Especially the Middle East.
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I got a PhD in political science and joined US intel. Ask a wizard anything political.

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Nothing specific, because that's boring and could bump an nda.
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Monarchy is objectively evil.
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>one of the most famous trannies in the world
>admits she had psychotic episodes of cutting herself, punching herself in the face, and hearing voices telling her she’s now a boy
>then a doctor approves her to get her breasts cut just a week later
What the fuck
Elliot used to be a funny tranny meme but now she’s just sad
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