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Pick a side
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>countries still allow cigarettes

why our countries want us to commit suicide?
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Just how effective is jew propaganda like this? It's so fucking pervasive now. It's everywhere.
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Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney spills the beans on her getting molested

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This story is gonna be huge and is a great oppurtinity for redpilling on the pedo rings. Is the pedo cabal crumbling before our eyes?
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Kiwi/pol/ General - Government Tomorrow Edition

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>Status: Expected Government Announcement Tomorrow

>Next Election Date
>Register to Vote

>Final Results:
National - 44.4% - 56 Seats
Labour - 36.9% - 46 Seats
NZ First - 7.2% - 9 Seats
Greens - 6.3% - 8 Seats
>5% Cut Off
TOP - 2.4%
Maori - 1.2%
ACT - 0.5% - 1 Seat (Epsom)
United Future - 0.1%

>Total Votes Cast:

>Election 2017 RIP List:
Maori Party
United Future
The Opportunities Party

>Top Story - If Peters wants a legacy then the playing field is tilting to the left

>The country will know which way NZ First will go on Thursday afternoon

>Plane hijacker could get $25,000 compensation if victims don't claim it

>Newstalk ZB host Leighton Smith calls Jacinda Ardern 'chicky babe'

>Victoria University student hall a 'feral zoo' after alleged drunken destruction

>Students build giant bread tower to highlight food wastage
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What happens here?
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The Luciferian Left

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What is to be done /pol/ about the enemy and his army of darkness?
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the mentality of modern white women.
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Why would someone think this is normal?

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We are reaching levels of degeneracy I didn't think were possible
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Literally WE WUZ KANGZ on kids channel this morning

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Turned on TV to keep toddler entertained;
Casual cultural Marxist indoctrination on pre-schooler BBC channel.
Toddler proceeded to shit her pants.
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