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I'm a diaspora ethnic Ethiopian whos been browsing this site for years. Ask me anything if you want.
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more shit

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fuck it. please rape me pol.
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I for one stand with the president.

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>encyclopedic memory
>activist since teenager, in his late 30s now
>makes documentaries for sale but gives our all their info for free constantly
>Youtube content is 100% demonetized
>Youtube account is deleted annually
>shits on Zionism
>shits on Communism
>shits on Athiesm
>shits on anybody willing to debate him
>not racist, is native American
>completely nailed 9/11, banned from the controlled-opposition ""Truth"" movement
>smug as hell, says whatever the fuck he wants due to never being wrong
>has family with 9/10 Japanese babe

Does anybody even come close this based mother fucker?
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MONEY BOMBING THE NRA!!! (or other gun-rights org of your choice)

WHEN: march 24, 2018
WHO: you! send $5 or whatever you can afford
WHY: fucking gunbanners orgs and CNN-controlled highschool robots are doing a coordinated leftist demonstration protest bullshit tomorrow. when the headlines read the NRA was donated 10 million dollars in one day they will shit their pants and short-circuit. we can also hijack and piggyback off their own social media posts to get the word out.

>NRA even takes paypal

link to NRA ILA

wikipedia on NRA ILA:
>Observers and lawmakers see the NRA as one of the top three most influential lobbying groups in Washington, D.C.[10][11] The NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is its lobbying arm, which manages its political action committee, the Political Victory Fund (PVF). Over its history the organization has influenced legislation, participated in or initiated lawsuits, and endorsed or opposed various candidates.


keep this thread going all night guys, this is really important. this is about sending a message to the leftists that gun owners and the NRA are not to blame for leftist sheriffs and leftwing judicial policies letting criminals slip through the cracks. its about sending a message to the conservative in congress that they MUST do our bidding or they can kiss their cushy jobs goodbye and be voted out. they need to understand the power of gun-rights supporters and how important of a voting issue it is. also heavy salt mining as well as funding an effective organization that fights to keep our rights. if not the NRA then donate to GOA or something of your choice. but donate to a gun rights org on MARCH 24 2018


DONATE TO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, THAT HELPS GUN RIGHTS!!!! and bump this thread and make new ones if this one disappears please. we are all in this together. do you really want to end up like south africa?
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Give me a quick rundown what Trump has done
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How many people have deleted (((Facebook)))?

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Democrat General

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Since this is now a Democrat board I'm going to start making the Democrat generals. ITT we will discuss the blue wave, how to motivate people to come out and vote in the midterms for our candidates and how horrible Drumpf is.

>Republicans Start Talking Impeachment
>Cooper: Trump deafeningly silent on alleged affairs
>Blue Wave Coming? Democrat Upsets Trump District In HISTORIC Swing
>Why Robert Mueller 'Following The Debt' Scares Trump, Kushner
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/pol/ Shill Proof Raid Bunker

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Saw this a few months ago, seemed to work the first time. Pic related.
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Harvard Scientist Decries "Race exists and genetics proves it"

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The new york times has published an article from a harvard geneticist. In the article he argues that race is genetically linked and a real thing. That with the upcoming leaps in genetic technology it is time to fully accept this fact instead of trying to lie about it.

Repeat: Harvard Geneticist is speaking out that race is real and race realism is a legitimate science.
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