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looking for non-fags to join a cause

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looking to get around the glow in the darks and take down this stupid democrat shit thats going on
email me
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Gonna take a nap guys, ill be back in an hour or two
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/pol/ humor thread

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He got 20 years..the cop got nothing

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Shouldn't the cop be held somewhat liable for just shooting some guy
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New HAPPENING might be brewing in Trollhättan

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Picture of a guy dressed like the killer Anton Lundin Petterson has been posted on social medias.
Anton who went in and killed people at the school Kronan.
Text translates to "Watch out you who live in VBG (Vänersborg) and THN (Trollhättan)


As far as I can tell the picture was taken at the buss stop Myrtuvevägen 5, Sylte, Trollhättan.
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Why aren't Straya and Burgers bff?

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>Have fought in every war together since the 1900's
>Take from eachothers culture
>Has a large navy that is getting larger
>Defense budget increased to 58 billion in 2025
>Going to use it to bring freedom to poor people
>America will be there too
>New ships out the wahoo
>Dozens of new air warfare destroyers to help blow up sandniggers in turkfuckistan
>Anti sub destroyers
>Subs in our hands when we can sink American destroyers with a collins class in wargames
>Spent 40 billion toward the JSF
>Bought 78 on top of that
>Becoming one of the largest arms dealers in the world

Seriously why aren't us cunts close enough to spitroast a German backpacker together?

>Funding incraesed to 10 billion higher than the UK
>40 billion spent on F35
>Modernizing the navy
>Destroyers so good you want them
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10 year old girl charged in adult court with 1st degree murder

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should this even be a thing, that young and in adult court