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There is nothing Trump is accused of that can top Obama’s corruption and anti-Americanism.

>”In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States, according to a POLITICO investigation.”
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Redpill me on the Einzatsgruppen Nazi execution squads in WWII.

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David Irving does not deny that thousands, possibly over a hundred thousand Jewish civilians were executed by bullet to the head by SS Einzatsgruppen execution squads on the Eastern Front.

What is the Red Pilled take on the Einzatsgruppen comandos? David Irving mentioned in a lecture that he found correspondence between an SS commander and Heinrich Himmler stating that over 200,000 Jews were executed by these Einzatsgruppen battalions.

Were these all innocent Jewish civilians? Have the magnitudes been exaggerated? What part do those doctored execution photographs from WWII have to do with this story?
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Kraut and Tea - Showdown Edition

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The #SkepticismPlus "Task Force"!ku5RACpC!EouiOs5THU8-PzS71RWI2q9UkwGZlSTRkl-M5mrpC8c

>Kraut & Tea is running a secret discord server called The Task Force, with a crew consisting of various skeptic youtubers, a "science team," and fanboys acting as "detectives." Many of the skeptic youtubers within The Task Force will be speakers at the Kilroy "free speech conference," such as Youtubers Jeff Holiday and Wizard of Cause. The server even includes Kilroy organizer "Based Mama." They have also brought in a New York Times journalist.

>The stated goal of the server is to "debunk racists," but in reality, much of the server's activity involves cult-like plotting against Kraut's enemies and collecting information they use to smear and potentially dox those enemies. There is even a "hit list" of right-wing YTers and personalities, from people as small as Braving Ruin and Alternative Hypothesis all the way up to people as big as Black Pigeon Speaks, James Allsup, and Baked Alaska. Many of these people do not even discuss "race realism" as a regular subject, and so the motivation for Kraut's crew seems to be ideological, rather than academic.
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Be Swedish

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>be swedish
>daughter is raped, tortured and has vagina filled with gasoline and lit on fire
>report this to police
>police arrest you for hate speech
>end up in swedish prison
>get raped by muslim gangs
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Leading geopolitics expert Robert Kelly from Berkeley released his prediction for the world's borders in 2040 last night. Thoughts?
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Wtf white men

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Your women are raped and murdered with impunity and you sit back hating on le roasties?
Why are white men unable to defend their women? Instead of blaming everyone else take a look at yourself. Shitskins couldnt rape your women if you stopped them but you are too afraid.
>Inb4 roasties
>Inb4 whiteknight
You fags should wish you were white knights. Because right now you are less than nigger thugs.
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Sure makes you think
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/pol/ what do you think of this soyboy?
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>Motorcycle driver chase a muslim women after she rode over a pedestrian crossing the street