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Why do the Iberians want Gibraltar? Why do Anglos want to keep it? It's just a rock with smug Spaniards pretending to be British, why is it important?
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Transphobes Btfo
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>German audience laughs after Trump Cabinet member's address cut off

Is there anyone who respects Trump and his administration? Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?
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Why the FUCK is this our Press Secretary?

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Who the fuck hired Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?
She is the absolute worst possible choice for that position, which is the main go-between for the White House and the media, which broadcasts their version of the White House's image to the world.

So why the hell would anyone hire this cross-eyed, overweight, ugly-looking, Southern-accented freshman debate dropout for the most important public relations role possible?
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Are AnCaps mentally handicapped?

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>"We need real capitalism lolololol"
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Woman, 51, killed herself after 'sudden realisation' that she was too old to have children

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What should be done about this growing epidemic of women not finding suitable husbands and thus never having kids which ends in depression and possibly suicide?
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For years I have been part a active part of this shitty board and I can now say that you guys are definitely not my brothers. It was funny and edgy at first but the more I thought of it the more pathetic you guys became. I wont be you guys that inherited the earth. Only those who can let go of their hatred and ask for forgiveness will be deemed worthy by god. I will leave this board forever and try to find true happiness. I know none of you care but I hope that you will do the same.

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"We survived the grove together" WTF

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What could she possibly be referring to other than bohemian grove
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Un-Contacted tribes

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What do you think we should do about un-contacted tribes /pol/? Hunt them down? Leave them alone? Could they be used for anything?
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Redpill me on why lesbianism is a bad thing
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