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Why did you make me like this /pol/?

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So, I was reading an article. It's basically about how shitskins are flooding USA and Europe, demographic changes are too big and too late to stop, and era of white males is over. And if you object to this you are a "retard" and a racist. Also, you shouldn't grieve over this cause it's for the better. Reading it a thought came into my mind: " A jew wrote this for sure!". And lo and behold I was right. Before browsing /pol/ I would never make such an assumption. Why did you make me like this /pol/? More importantly, why are *they* like this?
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Virgin vs. Chad thread

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Post the best ones you. GOt
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Leftist Terrorists Calling For Burning Covington Church Down

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>be white child
>wearing maga hat
>"smirk" at Indian dude playing drums in your face
>become the target of MSM smear campaign
>leftists start to plot your death

What do /pol/ ?
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Ma'am, it is ma'am
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Why do people have more respect for illegal immigrants than the homeless? I'd rather help the homeless than more gang members/terrorists. Are you Americans really that dumb?
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Feminist nudity

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I’m thinking about including a nudist character in an upcoming short film I am shooting. The pieceis going to be less than 20 minutes long, will feature a prison break, and 8 (or so) characters.
I’m fleshing out one of the characters and had an interesting idea. What if we featured a sexy nude model, but none of the characters mention or allude to it, nor are they uncomfortable, surprised and not a joke is made before during or after she appears. The script doesn’t mention it. But the cinematography Ignores Hollywood tropes around sexy ladies. No special close up or favorable framing, platonic body language, and a lack of feminine grace. (Don’t care about the height, weight, race, or other features. Just attractive). In her scene, the two men remain unaffected by her. Their dialogue is transactional but friendly obviously familiar. Her home was a brief reprieve from their flight out of the country.
At the very end the two make it to Colombia (their escape successfully ends there) where the main character’s love interest lies. I’m thinking it’ll be a nonspeaking part. Her make up looks “natural”. Dressed modest but cute. The camera however sexualizes her. I almost want to do slow motion on her. Close up, sexual glare, just the eyes. She pulls on her clothes just to grab the audience’s sexual attention..... fin
There’s a lot more in between but I was just wondering if what I have shared with you will inspire feminist wrath. Having the female be naked for no real reason other than eye candy for the men.
But on the other hand, whatever happened to girl power?? A zig a zig ahhh. Does that mean nothing anymore?!
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Jeff Bezos divorce

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Did Jeff Bezos do a trade up or a trade down with his new girlfriend?

Wife in red and girlfriend in black
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What's with the discord trannies? I'm barely ever on here at the moment. Do they show up often?
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Day Of Duty

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Duty Day
It has occurred to me that the system will chug along without fail up until whites are totally replaced. The system will not collapse and risk leaving a vacuum for white nationalist to seize power. Those who wait for this are wasting their time. The system will not change its course of white destruction willingly and methods of terrorism against the system are only used to justify the system's agenda against white men. France is the 3rd most important country according to Bushiness Insider. A significant country to say the least and heavily occupied by ZOG. Yet their leader has yielded to massive protests, abandoning policies and is reportedly no longer able to show his face in public. Small victory, but still a the God King has bled. The only tactic that can even dent the system it seems, is massive unrest and discontent. This is the way forward for white nationalists.The problem is the content of WN in America. Our replacement is as comfortable as it possibly can be and this is by design. Nobody is willing to risk losing this comfort. When confronted with this, the WN explains that he needs his job for a bit longer. that if he can just wait a few years he will have saved enough to fully commit to the struggle. This for one reason or another this day never comes. He is always seeking another horizon just over the next hill. This is why a deadline must be set. A day where no longer will we allow replacement to continue. Any claiming to be a White Nationalist will know of this day. All his affairs were given time to be in order.He has no excuse. What day will this be? How long will we allow things to become worse and more difficult for us? All white men have a duty no matter the risk, struggle, or suffering that will result.(This is not a call to violence but a call to protest.)