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Us Asians will rule the world one day. Whites don't breed anymore, they're too busy taking care of dogs and fucking Chad to bother with a family. You will go the way of the dodo soon enough.

Maybe if you're lucky we will put you in zoos to marvel at the stupid ugly anglo. Forever know you dumb white fucks will disappear and we will take over. Just watch.
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Does this look like a white person to you?
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Who is this and why is he so important to your movement?
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Should campaign promises be legally binding?

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What's stopping people making laws that prevent politicians from going back on their promises?
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What did they mean by this?

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Professor says she felt raped by white male student’s paper

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>An anonymous essay published last week in Inside Higher Ed by a self-described feminist professor details her experience of teaching a gender course and essentially feeling re-raped while grading an assignment from a young white, male student who touted men’s rights.
>She described his paper as citing questionable and unreliable men’s rights sources and presenting an argument that used an example of a woman raping a man to posit that feminism is pointless and women complain too much about gender inequality:
>As I went over his paper, I realized that I was reading a paper that sounded word for word like something the man who raped me would say. And not only did this sound like something my rapist would say, this student fit the same demographic profile as him: white, college male, between the ages of 18 and 22.
> … I was furious at the fact that, as an instructor, I was expected to take his paper seriously, and scared of what he might do if he did not like his grade. Although I knew it was unlikely that this student would literally try to rape me, his words felt so familiar that I began having trouble distinguishing him from the man that did. Their words were so frighteningly similar that the rational-instructor side of my brain could not overpower the trauma-survivor side.
> … “Zero! You get a fucking zero!” I literally screamed at my computer screen.
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Ask a Democrat anything.
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Last weekend Push for Marine /pol/

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This is it fellas. This is huge in determining the future of the EU and Globalism in itself. This will be a huge ally for Donald and hopefully someone who will can convince him to keep the nationalist song strong within his administration. I'm asking for my fellow /pol/ meme war buddies to give it your maximum effort to get this woman into office this weekend! If you're French and reading this, you better be knocking on doors and grabbing your friends and family to vote!
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