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If Biden was campaigning door to door in your neighborhood and came to your house, would you greet him with a firm hand shake and a smile and see if you could agree on some basic American level?
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What's this "scare event", "global blackout" and "precipice of destruction" shit I keep reading about?
Are we really going to such lengths to wake up the normies instead of just saying "Yeah it's been the jews all along" which everybody including normies tacitly knows anyway?
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Mirage Men

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Mirage Men suggests there was conspiracy by the U.S. military to fabricate UFO folklore in order to deflect attention from classified aerospace projects
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>one chance at life
>born BROWN in a shithole country

god fucking damnit why couldnt my parents jump the border like all the other 50 million mexicans did.
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The knife

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You are with him, or you are against him.

You are with absolute DUNGEONS & DRAGONS tier Christiaan theocracy, or you can go and fap yourself to death in the cackling cyberpunk dystopia.

Preemptively informing all of the /pol/ jannies that YOU, ARE, JEWISH!
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Government officials have spotted mysterious metallic orbs flying all around the world, in addition to many other types of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), according to the first public meeting of NASA’s UAP independent study team, which was held on Wednesday.
Speakers at the meeting emphasized the need to collect more high-quality UAP data and lamented the stigma surrounding this topic, which they said makes it less likely for people to report unidentified phenomena. Indeed, multiple speakers noted that members of NASA’s UAP study team have been subjected to harassment as a result of their work in this field.
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China wines and dines Elon Musk during his China trip

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>Billionaire Elon Musk was showered with praise during a trip to China this week, with people on social media calling him "a pioneer", "Brother Ma" and "a global idol" while the CEO of Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX and other companies also met in person with three government ministers.
>Since landing in Beijing on Tuesday, Musk has met with China's foreign, commerce and industry ministers and has dined with Zeng Yuqun, chairman of top battery supplier CATL.
>Little is known of those conversations. The industry ministry only said Musk and its head exchanged views about development of electric vehicles and connected cars; the commerce ministry announced he discussed Tesla's development in China with its head. But lack of information did not stop an outpouring of enthusiasm for Musk on Chinese social media.

What is Elon and China plotting together this time?
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the term "glownigger" is the most effective psyop ever created

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With this simple term they have completely castrated you. None of you coward faggots will do anything, ever, because you're so scared of Feds being 80% of the population.

Anytime someone even HINTS at taking real action that might actually change something, they get buried in glownigger posts and every smugly acts like doing nothing and just waiting around to be imprisoned or killed is "based and redpilled."

They took you out of the fight before it even started, you are quite literally neutered. They dont even have to drop the jackboot on you, you will just sit in your house and do nothing.

Its incredible, really.
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I want to get a raccoon, but I don't live in the United States. How do you get one? Can I ask a relative there to send one?
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