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Atlantis will enter the game as a region to travel to and from at round 4. It will also be able to enter europe
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MFW when poor, ugly, beta, outcasts of society try to diss on Indians

PEW Research Center: Indian Americans are the most educated population in the United States, with more than 80 percent holding college or advanced degrees, stated a report released June 19 by the Pew Research Center.
Indians Americans also have the highest income levels, earning $65,000 per year with a median household income of $88,000, far higher than the U.S. household average of 49,000, according to the survey.

Don't hate us because you are literally worthless.
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ITT:Describe your country with 1 picture

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Kek willed it

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We did it /pol/?

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Did we finally get it?
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Fucking nazis man, scaring the ''Latvian'' woman.
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why is everyone hating on germany? should we sent refugees back to greece and italy and just watching them collapse? What are we supposed to do?
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U.S Politics

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pol/, is there an internal war going on right now between FBI officials and the Trump administration? It seems like on one side you've got the 'wiretap' situation, which would lead to the indictment of intelligence officials, and on the other side you've got the collusion story, of which I don't know what it would lead to.

I'm not seeing anyone who's picking up on this, so what are you guys thinking?
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>"Guns kill people" -Uk bans guns
>Now cars are killing people

Do we ban cars? Do we also ban knives? North Korea does it and look at their homicide rates between civilians.
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What type of girl is the most red-pilled choice for an aspiring public figure?
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