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What's up ancaps and reddies this is a thread to discuss whether an anarcho-capitalistic society would function in today's world commies are welcome too just share your thoughts
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Project Blue Beam

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Can we get a project blue beam discussion going on
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As a Millennial the best option is to be Selfish

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I have a Greatest Generation attitude to people I care about but a Boomer attitude towards society in general. It can get bent. Yeah Boomers ruined a lot of things which is why in order to escape the consequences of being born in the Millennial generation you must either drop out or get ahead at any cost. There's no other choice. Plus I feel no alliance to my peers at all so I don't care. Otherwise have fun going through problems other people caused.
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Does pol still support the russian propaganda fake news bullshit?

"We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” -prince explained -

>Flynn a retired lieutenant general tweeted the article just days before the November 8th electiont
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Best "intro to red pill" books to include with family's xmas gifts?

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So I'm finally getting around to shopping for my family's gifts, and I had the idea of giving them all "something they want, something they need," one item off of their list and a book to hopefully steer their worldviews in our direction. Parents are Christian cuckservatives who love Jews, they're subconsciously untrusting of nonwhites but they don't have the self awareness to realize it or the intelligence/daring to accept this and understand why it's justifiable. Brother and sister are both commies, my brother has some common sense, isn't full sjw and values masculinity and some positive values in a vague way, and acknowledges that Europeans are going extinct, but doesn't care about race "why should I care if my grandkids don't look like me?" and has socialist/globalist/anti-traditional beliefs. My sister is far far gone.

What should I give them to start them in the right direction? Anything that's too explicit about racial inequalities, or openly associated with National Socialism/fascism will almost certainly lose them.
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holy shit we're winning the culture war
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Be Swedish

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>be swedish
>daughter is raped, tortured and has vagina filled with gasoline and lit on fire
>report this to police
>police arrest you for hate speech
>end up in swedish prison
>get raped by muslim gangs
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Duterte in favor of gay marriage

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I still don't think Louis CK did anything wrong.

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>He explicitly asked for consent
>The door blocking rumors are untrue
>I don't understand how him being famous and his so-called "victims" being novices matters, at all
>What the fuck is wrong with modern women
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