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Why did hundreds of these fucking retards ruin their lives for a larp session in the Capitol?
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Census for the Republic of Ireland 2022 released. ITS OVER

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Almost 1/5 of the population are fucking foreigners. This isn't even accounting for second generation immigrants who are just considered Irish.
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Buy puts on Target

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It's rare for a company to get on the bad side of troons, /pol/, and white-hating jews.
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I hate primitives

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What I mean by primitives is men who take the side of women as a matter of instinct without considering how, if at all, it really benefits them as men. The failure of primitives to understand how skewed in favor of women social and sexual power dynamics are is as funny as it is evil. Trannies in women's sports and restrooms is a good thing because it corrects the imbalance of women's invasion of male spaces, but then come the primitives to throw men under the bus and be the best little cucks for women their monkey brains tell them to be. I honestly don't care what means are employed to beat this level of weak will out of primitives as long as it works, because this will always be lesser an evil than a world in which idiots give women everything they want for little or nothing at all.
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New IQ data just dropped

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Wybois do NOT want you to see this! It shows that wybois are getting intellectually curbstomped by their East Asian masters.
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What does /pol/ think of this guy?

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Was he ahead of his time?
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Hungarian KFOR units have refused to intervene against Serbian terrorists. They instead stand with their shields lowered and local Serbs clap and applaud them and even shake hands with Hungarian KFOR.

When will Hungarians be kicked out of NATO??? Siding with Putler over Ukraine, now siding with Serbia? WTF?? My opinion of Bozgoristan gets worse by the day and I didnt even know it can sink any lower.
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USA was NOT Build around cars

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in 1925 every town in America with more than 2500 people had a trolley system. Then GM bought them all up and destroyed them so GM could sell more cars. Now American suburbs make mass transit impossible for most people, and even cities don't make any effort to have decent mass transit systems.
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The little nigmaid isn't going to even break even.
Why does nobody like us nigbros? WHY DID THE LITTLE NIGMAID FLOP SO HARD?

Fast X which is yet another Fast n' furious movie beat us nig bros! WE LOST TO A FUCKING FAST N FURIOUS MOVIE NIG BROS! OH NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!
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fuck ukrainians
traitorous subhuman dogs
i hope Putin and rusbros will wipe this "nation" from the face of the planet
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