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Hey guys, it's the Australian here that has been warning you about Yellowstone for years now. My geologist mates have been warning me about this for YEARS now. A lot of them now live in Australia, and the rest are now leaving America now.

I usually joked about this, but this is the first time my friends have told me that this is the first big one of many to come. Yellowstone is going to blow any geological second now.

Animals have left the park, fish have left the lakes to find better places to live.
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Why are millennials like this?

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Protesters demand removal of statue honoring 'father of modern gynecology'

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Protesters gathered in New York's Central Park on Saturday to demand the removal of a statue of a 19th century doctor who conducted experiments on African American women slaves.

'Memorializing of imperialist slaveholders, murderers and torturers like J. Marion Sims is white supremacy,' said Rossanna Mercedes, 27, a member of Black Youth Project 100.
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Where's a white patriot to go?

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Don't get me wrong, it feels like things are going to get pretty interesting in my native USA, and if the Commies get their wish of a 2nd civil war, I'm going to do my part.

Hypothetical, if the establishment wins out and I see nothing but slow drip Communism here is there any place for a white American without a college indoctrination degree? My wife has ties with the uni system, so I can hold my tongue and get a degree if need be, but where would I go even then?

Where would I be allowed, much less accepted? I would enjoy learning another language, enjoyed learning Spanish as a second language, but I understand most countries I'd be interested in don't have the open borders policies of my country.

What nations would willingly accept a poor white boy like me, and what degree/job qualifications would be required to get there?
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Official Eclipse Thread

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Report happenings
Post your county/state/city and time.

>> Humboldt County California
>> 80% eclipse
>> 10:15am
>> 4 hours from now

There are massive fires in the border between Oregon and California. 3,000 people evacuated from Oregon cities.
They have been raging for 2 days now. People driving North to witness eclipse have been turned away.

Any Washington or Oregon anons here to help start it off?
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8 pm charlottsville

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True story
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Germans are obsessed with the U.S. But they’ll deny it

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>When I moved back to Germany a few months ago, I was surprised to find out that even things that nobody seemed to care about in North America made it onto front pages here. When there's a shooting in the U.S., editors in Germany go into breaking news mode, even though the story probably won't ever make it onto most American newscasts.

>Europeans often blame Americans for being obsessed with themselves, so why all the attention in Germany?

>For the Germans, it's a love-hate relationship

>Here's one example: When the New York Times recently wrote a piece about the Berlin district of Wedding, German media went in overdrive, with commentators questioning whether the newspaper was correct in portraying the local district as up-and-coming. But the undertone seemed clear: "Wow, even the U.S. likes Wedding!"

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What are we going to do about the sugar baby/ seeking arrangement epidemic?

Over the past few years the amount of young women going into this industry has absolutely exploded thanks to the popularity of fifty shades and a more "sex positive" culture. The women who do this are using the excuse of being a sugar baby as a relatively innocent excuse for literally being a prostitute.

So what's the problem? Well many of these women are provided a great deal of advantages in return for their services. The men provide them with work experience, advice, job counselling. In some cases they even provide them with the money and support to start their own businesses in return for the occasional suck job. Make no mistake this is taking place in every industry, especially politics.

So how do we counteract this? Or is it best we just let them all use their sugar daddies to get themselves into powerful positions in government?
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The wall

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Where the fuck is it amerimutts?

Oh wait...
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