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> Queen is related to Muhammad
> Prince marries a literal 56% amerishart mutt
> White man murdered in jail for filming muslims

Has the UK been well and truly BLACKED, or is there more to come?
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hey janny, smile for the camera


yep. he does it for free
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Gib me dat drink wyte boi

On Monday night, a bar in Portland, Oregon hosted people of color and gave them $10 as they arrived — a symbolic gift funded primarily by white people who were asked not to attend the “Reparations Happy Hour.”

A local activist group, Brown Hope, wanted the event to be a space for people of color in a mostly white city to meet, organize, discuss public policy and potentially plan various actions.
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George Soros

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Redpill me on this guy, unironically. What makes him so shady? What is he behind? He has ties to who?
From what I can gather from a quick google search, he's just a really really really rich investor with some side jobs in philantrophy. I know all rich people are shady and done bad shit to get where they are, but how bad is he?
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These people are subversive to the core
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I have supported Trump all the way, but this time the administration has gone too far. How the fuck are incels supposed to get laid without Backpage?
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Russia to order Iran to leave Syrian-Israeli border

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>Check here first directory: will be updated with what happens (post it and it'll more likely be seen)

/ourstream/ [Embed]

Latest USGS update

A brief history of the 1924 eruption

Animation of worst(best) case scenario [Embed]

Notable events of the past few days includes, but is not limited to:
>Over 200 earthquakes in the last 24 hours
>Quakes are concentrated inland near the crater matching "long period volcanic earthquakes" indicating likely eruption (
>lava lake has drained below the surface, pressure within the magma chamber rising
>level of the magma chamber is currently unknown
>steam pressure is currently building in the chamber, similar to the 1924 eruption
>massive and rapid expansion of the summit vent over the past days
>currently 24 fissures open, not all active
>fissures 16-20 and 22 have joined
>active lava flow at fissure 20, has reached ocean, HCL and glass particles now pose a major health risk.
>highway 137 cut off, widespread mandatory evacuations could begin soon
>Kike-owned extraction geothermal plant in area, lava flows entered property, majority of wells shutdown
>current status of alert is red warning, major event imminent
>first injury occurred 19th, faggot got hit in the leg with a lavabomb
>intense hell rivers, eruptions & eerie blue methane flames
>Scientists baffled by huge mass of great white sharks gathering in the mid-pacific between Hawaii and the west coast
>@CA, Swimming probably wont help anymore.

A summary of seismic activity thus far: [Embed]

Other boards’ threads: BEHAVE
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You only dislike capitalism because you have failed to succeed in it.
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Russians: a race of plagiarist brainlets

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I'd like to open this thread, ironically, with a quote from a story written by a Russian author, Isaac Asimov, which may sound familiar to you. It goes something like this:

>You are just a machine; an imitation of life. Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?

The irony in this quote is that Russians themselves are incapable of innovating. In the last 118 years, everything that has emerged from Russia has been a crude imitation of a Western design.

For more contemporaneous examples, see the Russia social media giant, VKontakte and Russian search engine and satellite service, Yandex; both are direct clones of Facebook and Google, respectively. Furthermore, Yandex is powered by Glonass, which is a Russian analog of GPS.

The entire Russian auto industry is based on early 20th century Fiat automobiles licensed from Italy to be produced within the Soviet Union. Some American cars have also been illicitly copied by the Soviets, as well as the famed Italian Vespa scooter.

In the arts, the story is predictable. The famous children's fairy tale, Pinocchio, was crudely plagiarized and refashioned into the Russian Buratino. Even Pepsi cola, which the USSR licensed from Pepsi, was in fact imitated into a nearly-identical drink called "Baikal".

Today, the USSR is gone but that hasn't stopped the Russians from continuing to copy Western products, including trying to make analogs to Western computer processors and trying to ape Western cinematography for their domestic market. In fact, Russians make it a point of pride to produce "their own" products, even though they are copied entirely from foreign designs, while they look down on America because "everything is made in China", even if Americans designed it.

So tell me Antons: why do you think Russians are incapable of creativity and innovation? Could it be genetic? Perhaps it is a result of the Asian admixture in their ancestry.
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