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Post all Captured Tweets and Comments Posted By Psychopath Left Cunts Regarding Covington Boys

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>Make /pol/ thread for the documentation of all evil comments posted about MAGA boys >Hold NPC witch hunters accountable for their insane vitriol. >Thousands of tweets and comments deleted in last two days >Of course you clipped em boys. <POST EM HERE
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HAPPENING WATCH: Uprising in Venezuela tomorrow

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Maduro is expected to be overthrown tomorrow, according to the opposition. Get ready for happenings, especially in Caracas.

>Guaidó (U.S./EU recognized president) announced change, and nationwide protests to be held on 23 January, inciting a slogan chant of ¡Sí, se puede! This date is the same day as the removal of Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1958.
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Who pays for porn?

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Please fucking nuke PA

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Jeff Bezos divorce

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Did Jeff Bezos do a trade up or a trade down with his new girlfriend?

Wife in red and girlfriend in black
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How does the 70% tax bracket work?

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Can someone explain or is my brain even smaller than her's?
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The Normies are Waking Up

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>getting lunch with coworker
>we never talk politics
>"hey anon, you see that covington thing?"
>*play it off like i didnt spend the last three days laughing my balls off at the sight of the media apologizing and gen z rising up*
>"hmmm..... is it the one with the native guy?"
>"ya- anyways, i was just thinking... have you ever noticed how everything is so blatantly anti-white nowadays? everyone is racist against white people. everything is about race. im sick of it. how long until the media advocates violence against white people?"
>*give him the same look i gave the first girl who showed me her tits*
>"oh, anon....."
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I don't see any borders
Do you?
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I voted for Trump but can he like, open the government again so I can get paid for working. I miss money..and food...
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