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hohols are planning a huge strike ukranian nuclear plant during UN inspection

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>Ukraine plans to carry out artillery strikes on the Russia-controlled Zaporozhye nuclear power plant on Friday, and then accuse Russia of causing a disaster at the site
>The predicted attack will be timed to coincide with the ongoing visit to Ukraine by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres
>Kiev has deployed units trained in responding to the use of weapons of mass destruction, pre-positioning them to report a radiation leak and demonstrate a purported action to mitigate it, Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.
Are they trying to make hohlocaust happen?
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CDC changes facts on their website to remove state that it can enter nucleus and change DNA

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Respond to this thread with "safe and effective" or your mother will die from heart inflamation from the vaccine
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Trannies are now to be known as Zippertits
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If you were in charge of things, how would you get employees more engaged in the workplace?
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Hello fellow based Trump fans. I just wanted to remind you DO NOT VOTE in the midterms. They are a scam. They were already proven to be rigged anyway so dont waste your time.

Donald himself said he doesn't want us participating in such a rigged system. Mike Lindell already revealed that Donald will be declared president no matter what in 2024. We don't have to vote to win.

Remember, we have god. He will make sure we win so voting doesn't matter.
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Why do Anglo and German women tend to be so fucking ugly? (Euro) Spanish women, French women, Nordic women, and Slavic women all tend to be beautiful, but anglo and germanic women look like butch dykes or like monsters.
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>1 post by this ID
>1 post by this ID
>1 post by this ID
>1 post by this ID
>1 post by this ID
/pol/ is being astroturfed by glowies hard right now, and you retards keep facilitating their distractions. Either most of you are newfags or glow in the dark yourselves. What is going on? Usually this only happens when they're burying important shit and don't want people discussing it. So what's happening that's making them scared?
Also, learn to fucking sage, and inb4
>1 post by OP
I just lurk here, I don't trust posting with all these alphabet monkies scanning the board, but someone has to say something about this shit.
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What's the deal with salt water?

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The Earth's "unique conditions for life" center around water, the overwhelming majority being poisonous salt water. It's as if it's supposed to fool us into thinking all this water is life-sustaining, yet it's all a facade.
What is the purpose of having all this useless water everywhere?
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Ukraine lost 500k soldiers in 6 month. How long they can sustain it.

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According to one of the leaders of the militia formed in the Zaporozhye region, Kiev lost about 200 thousand soldiers killed and more than 300 thousand wounded.

Winter hasn't even started yet. Now they can safely lay underground hiding from artillery. In winter soldiers will start dying from hypothermia
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