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Are women naturally degenerate?

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>Russian woman, with family back at home, on vacation in Dominican Republic.
>Ukrainian driver films her as she hangs out the window topless, lady gets btfo by a street sign and dies
>Now becomes an even greater financial burden to the family that would, but cannot afford, need to pay $20,000 to fly her dead body back.
Why do women, even those with husband and child, immediately become full blown degenerate the moment they're away? Another, even greater, example is hen/bachelorette parties and how comparatively worse they are to what the men to be married have. Essentially a bunch of women, married and single, blowing off, fucking, and playing with the dick of another man while their friends encourage and applaud the whole act; Even the bride-to-be participates in many cases, there are plenty of testimonials out there as to how regressive women become in this environment. How do we fix the modern female problem?
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Does /pol/ support legal immigrantion?
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Just sat down at the pub to have q beer for my favorite Canadian actor. God bless ya Jim.
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Why do right wing retards STILL believe in trickle down economics?

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Negro Behavior

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Hey guys, I’ve been wanting to do a thread like this for a while. I will be described some of the odd behaviors I’ve observed during my (unfortunately long) time being around the negro community. If you have any greentexts, observations or comments feel free to share, but please try not to spam the usual nigger gif’s and same infographics. I’m more curious about written experiences and social differences.

Here’s what I’ve noticed

>suck the air through their teeth whenever they feel inconvenienced or annoyed.

>grow and mature faster than any other race I’ve seen, when they’re 12 they look 17.

>everything to them is sex, especially the males. “Muh dick” is not a meme. As stated earlier, they mature faster than other kids and are sexually active or at least, having sexual urges and thoughts. This was very troubling when I was a student teacher at an elementary school that upper class but bussed in negroes from the lower class areas that were still in the school zone. Many of the young girls did not understand what the bucks were trying to do and the teachers explicitly stated to never leave a buck or group of bucks around girls unattended.

>negro men don’t seem to have a concept of romance. What we blow off as a joke or “chad” behavior is the norm among negroes. The only thing bringing men and women together is sex, and they are extremely open about this. It’s normal for a man in what they call a relationship to have a baby mama and several other women, along with his girlfriend.

>crossing the street in front of moving cars purposefully and taking a long time to cross, often mugging. Negroes seem to pride themselves on inconveniencing the people around them and love confrontation, especially with whites.

I’ll be bumping the thread with any more that think of. Hope to read some feedback from you guys.
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What the fuck is this dude's problem? He's even against nationalism now?

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When did America turn on journalists?
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>I hate this me too shit
>fuck weird fads where everyone does the same thing
>fuck groupthink
>yet I am a female who has been harassed (hasn't everybody at one time or another?)
wat do, /pol/?
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Are these guys relevant at all or just crack pots?

The other people are fine but Alex comes off as a bit a spastic
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OFFICIAL!! Hannity Revealed TICK TOCK

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>He's an executive producer of a fucking movie!

Grats, it happened!!
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