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Getting Kinda a Creepy Police State vibe from Canada These days

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It's also sort of a Kafkaesque lynchian feeling.

I keep hearing them testfloat the 'martial law' meme. apparently food prices are skyrocketing and they are cracking down hard on food smugglers of all things.

Here's a video about them chasing down the guy who makes the food price threads or something. It's possibly the creepiest thing ive ever seen and appears to have originated from the Hillary Victory timeline.

it's like what East germany would be making if they were still around
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Oil price discounts could be costing Canadian economy as much as $100 billion a year

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The Nightmare scenario is truly unfolding. And no one competent is in charge to right the ship:

>Imagine producing a bumper crop of a product in high demand around the globe, only to learn you must settle for a discounted price because there’s no easy way to get your product to market.

>Canadian grain farmers experienced that situation in 2013 and again last winter when their harvest outstripped the transport capacity of Canada’s rail companies. Western Canada’s oil companies are now in the same boat thanks to production gains that have not been matched by export pipeline capacity gains.
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Christmas is coming.

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CIt is not a time of good will, nor does it carry any religious meaning anymore. It is a gluttonous, secular excuse for a party that is now owned exclusively by

Black Friday lasts for a fucking month. Imbeciles in ironic Christmas onesies and reindeer antlers sipping disgusting eggnog whilst watching the same TV shows that have been broadcast annually since the fucking 1970s. Unless you are a child or you have young children you have no excuse to partake in this annual celebration of greed.

Christmas is the ultimate NPC holiday. Shame on you if you participate in this over-hyped, over-commercialised disgrace. Fuck Christmas.
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When did you learn that a Tucker Carson was a capitalism-bashing, crypto-globalist shill?

It's called the free market faggot. Nothing is stopping you from creating a company to compete against Amazon.
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Make (((weed))) illegal again

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Every year more and more states and sovereign nations are completely decriminalizing and lifting restrictions of (((weed). Is there a way to reverse that or is that fight lost?
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2025 - Muslims vs. Christians - World War

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The Muslim conquest of some key countries of Europe is imminent, they will soon control the best armies. Russia and the United States can not stand aside watching because sooner or later they will be a threat to the whole civilized world.

pic source:
info about european forces:

- Who will win?
- The Jews will just be watching?
- How to redistribute the territories of the conquered states?
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Right-wing comics cringe thread
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Racist guy humiliated over facebook comment

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The comment was: "Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims". His roommates didn't like it
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Civil War Red Pills

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What was really the cause of the Civil War? Was it slavery?