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why are pflumpf supporters so stupid?
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As a fucking white male when, if ever, have you been called out for being racist in real life? When was your first time?

Mine was 2nd grade.

We were all in the lunch room and me and some boys were talking. Someone said a girls name and another boy asked "who's she?" So I turned around and pointed to her and said "that's her, the black girl in the red shirt".

This other 7 year old nigres was sitting nearby and started chimping out. "Why does it matter that she's black!!! Reeee!!!"

I almost shit myself and said "it doesn't matter I was just..." got cut off by more screeching.

That was my first experience with the fragile negroes ego and being called out for saying anything remotely relayed to race.

How about you anon?
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Why they hate the word "good".

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Have you swallowed the Jewpill and started saying "I'm doing well" when asked how you are? Maybe you've heard them say "superman does good; you do well"? Well fucking kys, because you don't have to.
It's fine to say it, and you're the only people who I think might be open to why they're trying to erase it from the vernacular.
It's not because they care about being correct, no: It's partly because they want everyone to play the Game of Better and Lesser, and partly because they do not want a world in which the common man trusts his own sense of what is good and what is bad.
Good and bad is not right and wrong, nor is it healthy or unhealthy (well and unwell are synonymous with this): It is an expressed measure of the sum total of a person's practical knowledge of what is beneficial to a society and what is not. That, is the measure of goodness and badness.
It is seeing that harming women is degenerative. It is seeing that anti-social minorities are degenerative. It is seeing that social minorities are generative. It is seeing that living for others is generative. It is, in our time, seeing that living to exterminate evil is good, and sometimes necessary.
We can feel this things to be true. As a great man once penned, we take these truths to be self-evident.
Stop this infantile, fearful trend of saying "I am doing well", simply so that you are not left out of the Club of Betters. Take a bit of time to educate yourself on the grammar involved and then say with confidence "I am doing good". Let this be another way by which we know each other.
I know that I am not your usual type of voice here. I know that I sound "prim and proper", and I haven't used a pejorative once. I know these things, but I am one of you, I swear it. I have lurked, sometimes posting, and you may remember me as the man who linked the concept of mythological Vampirism to Jews, using Browning's "Porphyria's Lover".
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To right-wing/conservative single men.

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Yesterday I went out to eat something with my mother, everything was going well until I saw a girl that looked about 13 swiping on Tinder, just sad. Before I went to sleep I started to think about these jewish social medias that promote promiscuity, about the whole degenerate social environment we live in nowadays and how it all could personally affect me in a few years.

To be honest, If you're conservative (want a family), over 20 and still didn't find a girlfriend to spend the rest of your life with, it's almost OVER. You can't find a 20, 25 years old virgin woman anymore, the jewish influence in the media/internet is too strong. With the acceptance of whoreism, 21st century women are made to be sluts, you'll NEVER be able to feel the pure, true love your parents or grandparents' once had for each other. The only way a man can be happy nowadays is by joining the degenerate culture and use women as cum dumps, but don't think too much of it, if you're conservative there will be a time when you'll want to settle, have a family, but there will be no decent women available anymore at your age.

I won't even go that far, imagine yourself being 25 years old and still single, do you really think you'll be able to find a traditional girl worthy of marriage? No fucking chance, 25 years old women already took at least 5 dicks inside them, they'll maybe be able to fool you for 5~10 years but the instincts they developed during their degenerate teen years will flourish and they'll cheat on you with whoever shows up at your door. I'm in my 4th year of law school, a course that I thought it would be a little bit more conservative than most, but what I see during my classes is half of the girls using Tinder/Instagram while the other half is already on their 3rd boyfriend of the semester, just depressing.
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Belgium confirmed uncucked?

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Flemish minister of Domestic Affair merciless for Jihadis "if you make certain choices in life, you have to bear the responsability"

Instead of giving returning Jihadists luxury homes and free gibs like Scandinavia, Germany and Britain, the Belgian government has agreed to not even consider letting Belgian jihadis return to Belgium.
"It's just common sense. These people are violently resisting the fundamentals of our society. And now that they're in trouble, they expect us to save them and bring them back into our society? No, negotiating about an eventual return is not even being considered" Said Flemish minister of Domestic Affairs Jan Jambon.

Where were you when jihadis got common sense'd? I'm glad N-VA is keeping the cultural enrichment at bay to the best of their ability.
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Nazism sucks. I'm a capitalist and support freedom. Nazis are against natural selection and survival of the fittest.

Here's an example of why National Socialism is also anti survival of the fittest and natural selection.

I'm a black male, and I currently have 3 girlfriends. 2 white women, and a Japanese woman. Now, in a natural world, I aquire all three of them, and can even seek more.

Meanwhile, National Socialism and other collectivist retards want to take 2 of them away from me since i'm ''only supposed to have 1 gf''. In fact, no, they want to take all 3 of my girls away from me ''because I'm black''. They want the state to come in and remove my girls from me just so they can partner them up with some of Richard Spencer's tiki torch virgin boys.

Collectivism is for losers, and doesn't value survival of the fittest/natural selection.
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Akira: The God Within Man: The Anomaly: The Chosen One

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>The Matrix is based off this
>Super Saiyans are based off this
>Jesus is based off this
>Every intelligence agency, secret society and deepstate on earth from the CIA to Mossad to M16 is looking for him
>Even WaterFilterSalesman Jones is searching for him
>Everything revolves around the God that has no idea that God is inside every man, he just only reveals himself through 1 being at a time.
Are you him?

Why do you believe you are?

Akira is coming and he doesn't have to choose Tetsuo nor does Tetsuo have to annihilate.
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Let's have one of these threads. I want to get back into reading, as an effort for self improvement. As I am growing older, bigger and better things are happening for me, however, at the same time it's spiral out of control, due to my own negligence. I'd love some recommendations, especially for self improvement, philosophy and politics. I'm not a big fan of reading Mein Kampf or the Communist Manifesto, but anything else is welcome.

Share your knowledge, pollacks
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Why do white "men" do this? He could have a nice white girl, marry her, and have his own kids. But he chooses a nigger whore instead. Is this the future of white people? Can we fix this?
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