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We've been wondering for months if the absolute meat grinder of Bakhmut and elsewhere would take a crippling toll on Ukraine's continued ability to wage war. They're a smaller country than Russia and they have fewer fighting men, even if those men were trained by NATO instructors. They could afford to lose much fewer men than Russia in the long run.

Well, it seems to have happened. What do we keep seeing in the videos and accounts of the counteroffensive? We see all this fancy stuff, all the Leopard tanks and mobile armor, being driven with absolute retardation. We see multiple armored units getting lost with minimal gain to show for it on the Ukies' side. We see general ineptitude ruling despite Ukraine's tech advantage.

This is because Ukraine has run out of professional soldiers. They've even run out of drafted men who have a few months' training. Russia killed them all in Bakhmut and elsewhere. Now all this fancy stuff they've gotten from the US and Europe is being driven by bumfuck teenagers pulled off the streets of Kiev last week. Ukraine has no more professional soldiers left. It's finally happened.
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What the fuck do you have against LGBTQ+?

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Seriously, who cares if two men get married. How the fuck does this effect you? You people are sick manchildren. Life and love don't revolve around you and your feelings.
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every right winger I've talked to hates it

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why's that?
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If you have this on your vehicle, house, clothing, etc, I just assume you are a nazi

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You can’t wear a swastika, so you wear this instead.
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It ain‘t no free rock for first timers… YET but you cant deny we headin inna right direction
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Who broke the dam?
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Donald J Trump here please stop the budlight boycott. Budlight is a BASED conservative supporting company. Boycotting Budlight is Anti-MAGA
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Why do Africans hate homosexuality so much?
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"The Christian Empire, Augustine held, was right to ban paganism and to coerce heretics. But the source of ancient Jewish scripture and current Jewish practice, he argued, was the very same as that of the New Testament and of the church—namely, God himself. Accordingly, he urged, Jews were to be left alone. Conceived as a vividly original way to defend Christian ideas about Jesus and about the Old Testament, Augustine’s theological innovation survived the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and it ultimately served to protect Jewish lives against the brutality of medieval crusades".

Christcuckery not even once.
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