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CNN's Van Jones: "The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger."

Oh dear.
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Reminder to all of you;
God IS real
God IS watching you masturbate

Be on your best behavior, children.
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If Trump became popular with millennials and normies, would you guys still support him? I think some of his support here has to be because a lot of people see themselves as outsiders or born in the wrong generation or whatever so will love anything that's unpopular or despised by their mainstream peers.
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Italian Navy Chief: I will close the ports If the EU doesn't solve the Regugee Crisis.

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Italian's Navy commander in chief Valter Girardelli threatened to close all Italian porst If the EU can't solve the Refugee crisis

"This is a national crisis, Italy is collapsing", "We can't take more people in"
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How redpilled are Fins on average?

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Been watching a few youtube videos of people interviewing Fins on the street

Alot of them straightup say that Swedish men are faggots and that Sweden is infested with muslims

They were also one of the first to start that 'soldiers of odin' group as a response against Islamisation of Europe
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How will he ever recover?
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Poland will increase its military spendings to 2.5% GDP

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The size of the professional army will increase to 200 thousand (+50 thousand national guard), ministry of defese has ordered a new line of modern tanks, a couple of hundred of attack helicopters, 4 submarines, and is working on a deal for a squadron of F-35 planes

Poland status:
[ ] not strong
[x] Strong

germany we war yuo
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Today is a good day for freedom.
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