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what are the most interesting cults? have any of you joined one before?
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> Queen is related to Muhammad
> Prince marries a literal 56% amerishart mutt
> White man murdered in jail for filming muslims

Has the UK been well and truly BLACKED, or is there more to come?
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Woohoo! Just found MGTOW!

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for about a month, I was so sick of this world. I believed that everyone hated men, there were so many movements trying to push men out of existence.
Back in primary school, the girls were so cool and down to earth fun, but when I entered high school and became woke about this fucking society. I begun to realise that life wasn't like the cartoon shows I watched. When I became red pilled about the true impact of feminism, the #metoo movement, #BLM and the hole #lgbt thing. It made me realize that all of these movements had something in common. They all plan on dividing us and hating men, especially white men.
I witnessed my friends withing my high school, becoming infected with the famous trojan horse designed by sjws. I had even a period of time when I was convinced that all these movements were good and that I was cheering for the wrong side, but all it took was one sitting at night and self-talk to realize that I was being tricked.
For I am ever grateful for becoming red pilled and woke, and MGTOW made me so happy because it made me realize that more men exist like me. I plan on not have any relationships, I have witnessed first hand my father go to hell and back to get a steady pay when he got divorced, I don't want to make the same mistake.
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(((They))) aren’t finished.

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This insufferable cunt is desparate for a reason to be oppressed
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Why are white supremacists always being beat up so badly at these rallies? Aren't you a bunch of tough guys?
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Photo bumping this thread. Yikes this guy is in trouble.
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Muslim Reminder to westerners

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Muslims don't own the banks
Muslims don't make us to fight their wars
Muslims don't bring up their genocides for sympathy
Muslims dont push degeneracy to the west
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The Bible is AGAINST multiculturalism

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For all you naysayers, look at the story of the tower of babel and how God created different languages to confuse the babylonians. God intended for us to be SEPARATE. Not hate exactly each other, but just to be separate nations. There are many passages about God wanting to separate the nations and how God forbade race-mixing between Israelites and non-Israelites. For those of you whomst’d’ve say that Christianity is “”””cucked””””” and that the bible promotes this stuff, it’s all easily debunkable.
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This man will make Africa have the biggest population in the world. Thank him for saving millions of babies.
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What does /pol/ think of this racial alignment chart?

Seems pretty accurate to me.
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