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I voted for Trump but can he like, open the government again so I can get paid for working. I miss money..and food...
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What's with the discord trannies? I'm barely ever on here at the moment. Do they show up often?
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Psychological Projection is a Hell of a Drug

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The outrage over the Covington Catholic thing is a direct result of certain individuals having a common personality disorder. That is they cannot possibly conceive of different people having different motives than themselves. So when they saw the image they looked inside themselves and saw the worst humanity had to offer and they projected that ugliness on to those kids. This whole event has been helpful in identifying who those people are.
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How can a man who wishes to run a company in the UK/US realistically avoid hiring women? They are shit at their jobs, constantly creating drama and will cry harassment at the drop of a hat. It seems impossible to do without being targeted by the government or the media.

What do /pol/?
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How do we combat this degeneracy? It’s an entire video of women just shaking their asses. How is this attractive?
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There's a lot of people making fun of the latest incel to fail going hero, myself included, but there is a contrary element in our society equally pernicious to the incel epidemic: female social media narcissism. Look at this shit. As much as I want to judge incels and their internet addiction, I do have to admit the other half of the equation: women seem to have completely gone to shit due to it as well, but in the opposite direction. And bitches like this are fucking everywhere where I live. Even though I did pretty decent genetics wise (as far as looks but I'll be dead by 65), it's so miserable dating these shallow self-centered whores that I feel like taking the black pill myself a lot of the time.
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Is anyone else sick of black people?

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I see this bigoted vitriol all over extremist sites like facebook and reddit
b-but I'm concerned that more people are losing their minds and are actually turning against black people
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City Greening

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Is it possible to create urban cities more friendly to nature and the environment?
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>buying children's books for my nephews
>see a funny dragon on the cover
>has a star (OF DAVID) on his chest
>curved nose
>beady eyes
>horns represents satan
>dragon in ancient european mythology represents evil
>literally called ZOG