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Why are so many neo-nazi leaders gay?
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Hypothetical situation
>mecca's great mosque and kaaba gets bombed into nothingness
What would happen next?
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Say it with me /pol/


Trump btfo by sports niggers
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Trolling my lib school

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Well as school is finishing in the land down under i thought it would be great if Pol were to shit post on the graduation live stream, Lets put it this way it would turn up in the paper because of how prominent my school is in the region. I'll post the link tomorow to anyone whos interested. Meme unrelated. The edgier the better. Signing Off Republic of Kekistan
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MGM spokespersons Ellen, Jesus, and Stephan gives us the "Facts".

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Lets see if we can reconstruct events from public evidence, and this "one and done" interview.
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A Muslim man has been accused of raping a 14-year old Christian girl but thankfully these feminists are defending him!
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>Be Califonia
>have rampant wildfires
>huge homeless population
>mass exodus of people
>have an outbreak of hep A


Are leftist really just this dumb?
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Canadians need to start worrying about China

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Canada needs to figure out who it's real friends are.

Taking money from a bunch of communist gangsters... letting them bribe you and buy you things. Selling out your influence and by extension your own people. Disgraceful.

The delusions that they though justified selling out to China:
>The Canadian version was mainly a replica of the American fantasy—the more China got to know us, the more our “Canadian values” would magically rub off on the dictatorship.

>The opposite has happened.

>China is descending rapidly into a dystopian surveillance state straight out of a science fiction movie. Remember when the internet was going to make censorship impossible and drive tyrants into history’s dustbin by denying police states the ability to control what people read and say? That’s not working out, either.

>Beijng is now pioneering an all-seeing data aggregation and digital monitoring system linked to facial-recognition technology that will calibrate every individual’s identity, social-media access and purchasing power according to a “social credit” system. Among other things, the system will decide who you can communicate with electronically, what schools you can attend, whether you deserve a holiday, and if you’re allowed to take a train

“We need a bit of sophistication when we’re dealing with China. I don’t think we’re going in with our eyes as open as we can. I’m not sure that given what’s going on with Brexit and the EU and the NAFTA negotiations, our going in there and popping the clutch of a free trade agreement with China necessarily sends a great signal to our allies, either.”
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Xi Jinping: 'Time for China to take centre stage'

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>The country's rapid progress under "socialism with Chinese characteristics" shows there is "a new choice for other countries", he told the Communist Party congress.

Does anyone here know what is the ideological core of the Chinese communist party and can it co-exist with social democracy like my flag and related countries?
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Feederism general THICC edition

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Feeding a partner into a voluptuous shape (prime for making white babies) is the least degenerate paraphilia one can have, and besides, owning what shitskins want most(THICC white qt) and walking around with it in front of them assists us in reminding them of their place.