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Space is fake and NASA is a Satanic money laundering operation.
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We defeated the Cheney bitch and put this strong fierce womyn who dont need no man in her place
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I swear christcucks are the worst, maybe worse than pagan LARPers. They are the reason we are filled with refugees and all the Globohomo faggotry. It’s because of their “tolerance” and “acceptance” of the “other”. And I’m not referring specifically to the clergy, but people. Also, notice how leftists (at least here in Italy) are the ones praising the (actual) Pope the most. I’m waiting for Sarah to be Pope. Inb4 I don’t care if he’s a nigger. Always better than a Latin America commie.
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Does Italian mafia still exist in America?
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I present you the Aryan prime minister of Finland.
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Why is China all bark no bite?
You you really think this "country" can win a war against the US?
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If it wasn't for this incident, COVID as a psy op would have worked. The main eye -opening moment that caused a lot of people to stop being afraid of COVID was when this nigger got killed of his own accord and all of media enabled the mass race riots of 2020 starting right at the end of May 2020. Once we saw the dual hypocrisy of the media encouraging gathering for globohomo agendaing while also seeing how NOBODY was getting sick or dying at or after these events.
George Floyd himself was maskless and COVID positive. The media said it didn't matter. Yet if you were maskless with COVID you're accused of killing grannies
I read someone on June 1st, 2020 say they couldn't attend their brothers funeral because local restriction forbade it. Meanwhile the public George Floyd funeral was underway.
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this is a political fact
discuss among yourselves
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New antisemitic term just dropped.
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Canada is using euthanasia as a weapon.
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