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Is this map accurate?

Sacramento, California anon here

I think Korea might be killing me soon but according to this I might not die?
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/NEG/ New England General

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/NEG/ New England General

Well, /pol/, have you taken the New England pill yet?

List of the most redpilled & most richly cultured in American history states:

>Hew Hampshire
>Rhode Island

Literally, non-New Englanders cannot even compete. We were the flame that ignited the American Revolution. All other states can thank us for giving birth to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Would you, /pol/ ?
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HAPPENING! Brazil is under attack!

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>Former president Lula da Silva is afraid of going to jail and called all his party militants to go to the streets and burn everything they see ahead.
>People are receiving death threats if they go outside home today.
>Some masked man, believed to be venezuelan army, was seen around Palácio do Alvorada (Brazilian White House) in the middle of the night.
>I just saw 5 military trucks going to downtown.
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Scientist predicts Le Pen victory

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((Reddit))'s neutral politics board

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Current front page
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Just gave cops my info like a beta

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I feel angry with myself.

I just got pulled over by police and they gave me the usual license check, breath test etc.

When my license address didnt match the address I gave them, they told me I need to have it fixed.

Then they whipped out an ipad and said 'we just need an updated photo for our system.' I sat there like a beta while they snapped a pic of my face. They then asked my phone number which I gave. After I finished saying it I got an extreme feeling of unease. These cunts now have a neat little profile on me, and were probably laughing to each other as they drove off.

I need to think quicker on my feet. Im going to change my phone number tomorrow, but there is nothing I can do about the picture. I feel fucking angry.
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Should campaign promises be legally binding?

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What's stopping people making laws that prevent politicians from going back on their promises?
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Home, Love, Hate

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Haven't seen one of these threads in a while desu
Show us em /pol/
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