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Daily Reminder

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Daily reminder that if you are unattractive or with subhuman genes , you dont belong in the Etnostate . In order to claim that racemixing is bad you gotta have actual girls interested in you . After we finish building the "whites only country" some of you will sadly get exterminated based on your genes and sexual attraction . With that in mind ,I am pretty sure you will still fight for State and embrace the ultimate sacrifice for the White Race .
Heil Hitler .
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Syria General - Slaughtering Pigs Edition

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SOUTHFRONT JAN 21 & Jew Strikes [Embed] [Embed]

>Latest interviews with Assad ttps://

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>SE Syria Jan 21
>Yemen Jan 21
>Idlib Jan 19
>Manbij Jan 14
>Libya Jan 7
>Iraq Dec 20

Devs Jan 21
>RU MOD:Israeli attacks killed 4 Sy soldiers,wounded 6 and partially damaged the infrastructure of the Damascus int. airport
>Israel warned Damasc not to retaliate as it is targeting 'iranian forces'. Sy states 2 waves of attacks repelled last 48h
>Damascus:Israel attacks Syria using immunity from some UN Security Council members
>RU MoD:Syrian air defenses downed more than 30 Israeli missiles
>Idlib:HTS&TFSA reach agreement on Al-Ghaab Plain which would allow TFSA to retake positions between HTS and SAA in a bid to stop any potential offensive by SAA
>Bomb attack on Kurdish-US convoy kills 5 in Hasakah prov
>Iraqi AF kills at least 20 IS terrorists in east Syria
>HTS executes rival ISIS sleeper cell fighters in Idlib
>Kurdish roadmap to peace presented to Damascus,unity,Autonomous Administration, SDF to become border guards
>Afghanistan:Taliban killed 126+ after ramming a captured Humvee filled with explosives into a training center of pro-gov forces
>Houthi forces unleash two ballistic missiles on southern Saudi Arabia
>Sanaa, Yemen was hit by massive Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, hitting civilian as well as military targets

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Why is he so far ahead of all the other MSM figures?
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/cic/ Canada is Collapsing General

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3$ corn
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Is smiling the new white power symbol?
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Smirk kid will be on TODAY tomorrow morning

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So i saw the first one pop up hours ago and thought it was interesting. Actually took the time to do some research and it definitely looks like somethings is up.

The entirety of America's heliplots (seismograph readings) match up, something that is apparently extremely out of the ordinary. This means the entire country is shifting simultaneously.

It's remained that way for the past 5 hours, with the only main change being that the entire globe's graphs are now beginning to match up with the USA's. Thoughts or experts appreciated.



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Okay what the hell is she doing?

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Fucking twitch streams in between being being added to the house oversight committee
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Is there any hope to boost Japan's GDP growth?

What do you recommend us?
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What the fuck?!
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