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t. right wing Jew
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Do Americans ever get tired of being the laughing stock of Euro lefties?
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Nobody’s going to be talking shit about Islam for a while lol

Christians can learn something from based Muslims… The left hate you and always will be only respect strength
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She woke up to the smell of nord mead and musk as her eyes fell upon the man dressed in stormcloak armor who had bested her in battle the night before when she was investigating Talos worship in the forest by herself. She squirmed trying to free herself of the iron restraints put on her to no success. She felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her as she realized that this inferior creature had her in a most compromising position. The nord man took a swig of his drink and gave a tipsy smile at her with a bit of mead dripping down onto his stubble from his lips. He was going to teach her that elves are no match for a strong nord with a strong will and force. Assuming the position behind her he unsheathed his fruitful flesh with a few veins visible from the excitement. He placed it on her ass letting her feel the warmth of his body. She never imagined that a proud elf as her would ever be face down and bound with a thick meaty nord cock moments away from being inside her. She felt him rubbing the head up and down her lips and pushed slowly inside. Immediately she knew her juices would start lubricating her insides and in turn the man’s love maker. Her pussy tingled with feelings of satisfaction that she had not felt with her elf husband back home in the Summerset Isles. A mixture of guilt and pleasure overtook her and she stopped attempting to get out of her bindings the sound of flesh moving together and the man’s voice grunting and whispering echoing in her mind. It was then when she realized that she had begone to moan loudly surprising herself that she would do such a thing. Then her entire mind snapped as she knew that she was beginning to orgasm. She tried not to but feeling the man’s hands grip her ass didn’t help. Smiling in relief her body shook and her toes curled. The grip she had on the man made him flood her womb with ecstasy the warm gooey sensation in her womb making her exhale heavily with joy. She knew she’d give birth to a halfing.
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Hue Election Thread

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Who should win the next Brazilian election? I hope it's Ciro Gomes because he is a Nazbol Chad. Lula would be much better than Zionaro though. Anyone pro-Russia/China and anti capitalism is good.
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Heres your "right wing" president bro.
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German KSK disbanded a while ago

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What exactly happened to these guys? Germanon's, do you have any information? How common are these views in Germany? I was under the impression that the average German was a leftist ecowarrior who was ashamed of their own flag, no?
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I wrote some shit code to find degeneracy needed for monkeypox cases to increase.

Seems like an average of more than 2 sex partners each month causes spread.
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Climate change is killing Germany

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Now we cannot even get coal because the rivers dry up.

It’s over.
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/lat/pol/ We must fight against the degenerate Gringo

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We must unite, as per Simón Bolívar's will.
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