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Finnish women stopped birthing process

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Now Finland has 1.25 child births per FINNISH WOMAN (Somali women in Finlnad has considerably higher birth rate and there are thousands of them, American born black women in Finland has also high birthrate but there are less than 1000 such women) Russian women in Finland has slightly higher birth rate than Finnish but numbers are not much higher though



>The downtreńd truly started after the corona vaccines altough it was already lowest of the northern countries whole 2010s.
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Chuds will do shit
They will eat the gay chicken
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New IQ data just dropped

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Wybois do NOT want you to see this! It shows that wybois are getting intellectually curbstomped by their East Asian masters.
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Is space fake and gay?

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An idea isn't worth anything.
Only its execution creates value.
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Germany: Syrian rapes 15-year-old girl, receives suspended sentence for being "well-integrated"

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In July 2022, a drunk Syrian rapes a 15-year-old girl in Germany. This Friday, the verdict was: probation. The court's reasoning: the man was on his way to becoming a normal fellow citizen and the girl would at least get compensation for her pain.

"You are well on your way to becoming a normal citizen here," said the judge at the end of the trial against a 30-year-old man from Syria. He was charged with drunkenly raping a 15-year-old girl in Osnabruck. The court also established this beyond doubt. Nevertheless, the man got off with a suspended sentence and compensation for the victim. This was reported in the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.
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No really, why are they so retarded?

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EVERY subject you talk to them about.
EVERY subject without fail.
They believe demonstrably retarded and contradictory shit.
And NOT EVEN by only objective standards mind you
By THEIR OWN standards
A few examples:
>Coronavirus is a dangerous respiratory virus like many others, the best prevention of such viruses has shown time and again to be face masks; to deny such is to deny settled science
>Anthony Fauchi who told Americans not to wear a face mask at the beginning of the pandemic was not lying when he told them such
>Men and women are equal to each other and have no meaningful destinquishing traits from muscle mass to genitalia to say so is highl regressive as gender is a meaningless social construct
>trans women are “women”
>The deficit is meaningless and we can print as much as we want to fund whatever social programs we want and the debt will never ever ever mean SHIT
>we must raise taxes to fund our government programs
>All races are equal incarnate to the same vices virtues and dispositions, all differing results are purely didctated by conditions with any claim otherwise being either racist or idealistic/superstitious
>Blacks put in the same position of majority and power over whites won’t act to whites as whites did to them in that position
I really really could go on as this just bare bones of it but this shit genuinely boggles my mind
Do literally NONE of them think critically about what they believe EVER???
>inb4 conservatives do this to
You can claim such in my fucking experience if you ask a conservative to pin down what he believes he will ultimately give you at least a semi coherent world view, ultimately picking side (libertarianism social conservatism ect)
A liberal to your face will drone and on about how
>”it takes a village to raise a child”
>”social responsibility”
>”no man is an island”
And in the same fucking sentence advocate for the legalization of meth and heroine
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Dines D’Souza goes NUCLEAR

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