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Jedi be jedi

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Mark Hamill doesn't seem to align himself with the position the FCC has taken concerning NN, even going as far as to call him a liar openly.

It should be noted that all eyes and ears are focused on Hamill at this moment, because of the recent release of The Last Jedi.
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What is your political Typology

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I took the Pew Research Center's political typology quiz. I encourage you to take the quiz yourself and post the results. Its fun.
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Do you enjoy the #diversity in the Live Musical version of A Christmas Story?

(Airing live on Fox now! Use #AChristmasStoryLive)
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holy shit we're winning the culture war
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Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition

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>SOUTHFRONT Dec 15 (India)

>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Random Dec 14
>N Hama Dec 16
>Beit Jinn Dec 16
>Quneitra Dec11
>DeZ/Bukamal Dec10
>NE Hama Dec 8
>E Ghouta Dec 4

Devs Dec 17
>Euphrates Valley:SAA kicks out IS aftrer massive counter offensive
>N Hama:SAA retakes Musharifah, after capturing Al Zahraa & Al Hawiya farms
>Beit Jinn:SAA captures several positions from HTS, E of Mughar Al-Mir
>DeZ:SDF capture Abu Hardoub&Hasiyat towns from IS, impose full control over Murad Oil Field
>S Aleppo:SAA capture Rasm Al-Saiyalah and Abedah towns
>Aleppo:Rebel forces fire rocket into 1070 Housing Project hitting residential building, many injured
>E Ghouta:Reports of agreement between HTS&Damasc to greenbuss the group to Idlib
>Unconfirmed:Turkish Army enter Afrin
>Unconfirmed:Firs tIranian military convoy entered Syria from Iraq through Tell al-Badi crossing
>IS beheads 2 Sy troops, displays corpses to kids in public, SAA reversed IS gains in Tadamon District
>Saudis destroy Houthis missile workshops run by 'foreign experts', claims to identify 250 Iranian experts in Yemen
>Saudi airstikes hits wedding-kills 12 women. Other strike kills 20 civis in Hudaydah prov
>Saudi forces captured Al-Naqoub area &Bayhan District, S Yemen

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Girl had sex with 25 boys in high school bathroom

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What can we do to stop this degeneracy? And what would you do if this was your daughter?

> Using footage captured from a hallway camera, Cantrell “observed 25 male students go inside the restroom over the time-frame of the female being inside the restroom,” an LCSO report states.
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Is baseball a white mans sport?
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Is nofap redpill?

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Every time I try nofap I last 4 days, look at degenerate porn and blow a massive nut. Is it really redpill?
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How do we fix the Roastie effect and make men great again?
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only good nazi is a dead one.
freedom will prevail
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