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What's worse: A draft dodger or a deserter?

Which one should be shot?
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Eric and Dylan

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> Why did they do it? Where they bluepilled faggot virgins or too redpilled for their own good?
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we wuz kangz

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Ok lads, so what was the race of the ancient Egyptians? I saw that National Geographic claimed they were black, but is that true? I certainly think not. They drew themselves in many ways so you can't tell from that, so does anyone know?
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Why was Kennedy assassinated?
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>november 4th
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Still worshiping this kike-muppet?

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Trump is the biggest let-down ever. Controlled by kikes and dependent of jewish banks and the FED. His famly is jew-infested and Kushner's got him by the balls. Instead of ending globalist wars, he's ready to start 2 new ones with Iran and North Korea and the kikes are clapping and laughing. Fuck this retard and fuck american politics.
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>Be me
>Work out
>Engaged to 9/10 gf who i redpilled over the course of six months
>Financially stable
>Children are in the pipeline
>Grows own food

I.. I think i'm going to make it /pol/ :')
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Whites Are No Longer Allowed to Wear Jewelry

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redpilled blacks

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What do other black people on /pol/ think we should do?

>The jews can't be trusted and want us as their slaves

>The whites want us to gtfo(shame because I want to study in germany)

>Africa isn't looking too good.

>Black America doesn't seem to be improving in terms of culture,and seems to be riding the Jew lies, and white guilt meme.

>women are untrustworthy, and relationships and marriage seems to be a shit deal, and will back stab us the moment the race war kicks off.
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