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CNN today
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Right to Healthcare

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I don't believe people deserve a right to healthcare. There is no reason why any person should be guaranteed medical care by any other person. People should not be robbed by force to pay for the medical care of others. If people want to contribute to a social medical fund, it should be voluntarily. If you're afraid to say that you believe healthcare isn't a right then you are a coward.
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>you will never fuck AOC

Why even live?
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Be American, get shot

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Be minding your own business working in a hospital pharmacy, and get shot, along with a doctor, and a cop.


More bodies, just another day. I'm sure it was a "false flag" right?
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Syria General /sg/ - Fan Service Beach Episode Edition

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>Latest interviews with Assad
>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Suwayda Nov 17
>SE Syria Nov 17
>Yemen Nov 17
>Idlib Nov 10
>Libya Nov 3
>Latakia Sep 12
>Iraq Jun 14

Devs Nov 17
>Al Safa:SAA eliminates IS from the region as heavy rain destroyed IS fortifications and hideouts forcing fighters to flee to E Homs desert
>DeZ:US-coal killed 40+ civis in IS held Al-Buqa’an town.US denies masacre claims. SDF claims 17 IS members killed, 24 vehicles destroyed in recent clashes in Hajin area
>N Latakia:Jihadists rebels kill 18 SAA soldiers
>report:6500+ TFSA mobilized for offensive in East Euphrates Valley against YPG
>SAA closes Morek crossing in N Hama due to security situation
>RU MOD:US responsible for chaos in Rukban Refugee Camp:Frequent theft, prostitution,forced marriages,sexual exploitation of minors,int. org help almost completely goes to the militants
>Russia calls Saudi UN resolution accusing Sy of HR violations a politicized resolution detached from reality
>SAA uncovers large weapons hub with US-made missiles near Damascus
>Afghanistan:40+ pro-government fighters died, 60 others surrendered to Taliban in Farah province
>Yemen:Despite Saudi claims of ceasefire in Hudaydah, clashes are ongoing. The Saudi-backed “government of Yemen” blame Iran & Houthis for various things, this time for threatening fishing in the Red Sea

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>check twitter for my daily banter and shitposts
>international mens day
>check out the hashtag
>literaly just cucks with blue checkmarks complaing about men and "toxic masculinity"

Why hasn't twitter been purged yet?
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Timmy's Dad

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Name a more influential political leader

I'll wait....
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The next day the WW2 officially started

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