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Young refugee monument in Warsaw

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Stolen after one day XD
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I'm thinking about ways to ruin this mans life, but I don't think it can be done alone. What are your thoughts on this SJW?
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just tried to redpill my parents only to find out theyre already redpilled

im happy and sad in a sense, i had a whole argument planned for them on how the jews are running the world. my conversation with my dad literally went like this

>hey dad, did you know that jews secretly control the world?
>what do you mean secretly?
asked my mom and my dads friend about the jews and he said the same thing, you guys should move to the south a lot of us are redpilled
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/pol/ is satire

I hope you know this, anon.
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Put down that soda and BETTER YOURSELF!

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Hey /pol/...

STOP smoking weed
STOP watching porn
STOP eating junk food
STOP playing vidya games so much
STOP going to bed so late at night
STOP LARPING on the internet

START lifting
START eating healthy foods
START reading more books
START getting more sleep
START waking up earlier
START planning your goals
START spending time outdoors
START defending the white race
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How to explain Israel and the problems they cause to normies

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So anons been having a rough time recently, got into an argument with my dad whos a hard conservative. We had started talking about foreign policy and I said that Israel should be left to its own devices and we shouldnt support them anymore

he quizzed me on why and I started talking about the creation of Israel and how it was undeserved and they bring the hate upon themselves for how they took over palestine

he starts to flip out and calls me an anti-semite in the restaurant we're eating at and proceeds berate me for saying that jews dont deserve anything after the holocaust and historical persecution.

now honestly I dont know how to rebut this, yeah theyre historically the most bashed race(that im aware of atleast) but the second I start talking about how they tried to assassinate hitler and how large jewish banking families manipulated germany into a shit hole and how most jewish secret officers in Russia during communism killed thousands of people/silence them he just looks at me like im a tin foil hat nut job

I dont get how I came to accepting that jews are a problematic group of people. their religion is just as dogmatic as islam and when i point out that non jews are considered cattle and whatnot while he chants about the quran being hateful its just boggles my mind

worst part is that hes a relatively smart individual who has several degrees and is well renowned in his field but when presented with this specific viewpoint he loses his mind

in fact all conservatives I talk with have the Israel is good dogma and look at me like im a monster for saying otherwise

tl;dr- how do you rationalize hating israel without coming off as a nazi/skinhead
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The future of Antifa? Thread 3

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>please officers can we wear our masks?
>no? o-ohhh... that's ok officers please don't arrest us
>Trump supporters, please still be afraid of us
>no? o-o-ok, can you please say we won
>no!? ok, sorry, can you guys please be angered by our insults

What is the next step of the domestic terrorist organization turned international laughing stock, Antifa? They lost today by not showing up (The "anarchists" didn't have police permission this time), they lost last time when they were chased out of their own turf and they will lose again when Milo comes to town. Their biggest defeat of all? Instead of learning from these failures, they're completely retconning their single, solitary goal of never letting a day like today happen in r/anarchism to try and twist today into a win.

Antifa is a fucking joke.
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