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Why nobody thought about this? :c

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What if instead of fighting wars, the country leaders played a game like chess or something?
Countless lifes will be spared and the focus would be put on intellect and not in brute power.
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Stop beating up on the poor innocent FBI
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>mfw brothers Grimm were redpilled on the jewish question

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is it time to put Russians on non-white list
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Suspicious Observers released this this morning related to the ongoing solar storm. First time they have ever said that one has any chance of being a Carrington event tier. He usually is not an alarmist about X class flares heading our way but says that due to the 5+ M class and solar wind that we now have a 5-10% chance of going back to the Stone Age in the next couple of days
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It's over

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Is anything honestly going to come out of this? Seems poorly timed considering world events
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The killing of Freya

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Why did the norweigian authorities kill her?
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russhit is anti-white

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why does /pol/ worship this bolshevist shithole?
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