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Watch it world!
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Brit/pol/ - Question Time Panel and New Links edition

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>Michael Bond, Paddington Bear creator and author dies aged 91

>Six face charges over Hillsborough disaster

>No final Grenfell death toll "this year"

>Northern Ireland secretary warns over talks deadline

>Immigration detainees (illegal immigrants) bring legal challenge to what has been described as £1 an hour "slave wages"

>Number 10 reveals public sector pay cap under review - after Theresa May "hears the message" that voters are "weary"

>Bank of England chief says it is not time for an increase of interest rates

>Man hit by bus while walking street, proceeds to walk into pub and have a pint
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SZ Drawthread

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Some German publication need your political OCs. Its about faggot month or rapefugges or something
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Anglo Germanic Friendship Thread

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Let's put the past behind us ay lads?
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>Brexit 'will blow hole in budget', EU commissioner warns
>£10billion shortfall
>UK provided 16% of EU budget

Yuropoors BTFO
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Fuck Poland and fuck Polish people. They started a war against Germany and ended up genociding Aryans on behalf of the anglos and the jews in 1945.

Stop jerking over poland, ever met an actual Pole? All they do is bitch over the holohoax and cocksuck Israel.

Silesia and Pomerania belong to Germany. They would be much better off under Germans to whom they belong than under shithead slavniggers.
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Why the FUCK is this our Press Secretary?

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Who the fuck hired Sarah Huckabee-Sanders?
She is the absolute worst possible choice for that position, which is the main go-between for the White House and the media, which broadcasts their version of the White House's image to the world.

So why the hell would anyone hire this cross-eyed, overweight, ugly-looking, Southern-accented freshman debate dropout for the most important public relations role possible?
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>Hiplet: A fusion of classical ballet dancing and contemporary dance, commonly associated with modern hip-hop.

Is hiplet dancing degenerate?
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Can someone explain again why religion generals are allowed on /pol/?
Not news or current events related. Yet multiple threads reach bump limit even after reporting them.
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"At the outset, Britain planned to put 36 F-35s on each carrier. So stupendous is their cost that this has shrunk to 12. An unhappy naval officer muttered a year or two back: ‘Just so long as we can have enough to cover the flight deck in photos.’ The empty hangar space will be filled with helicopters, commandos, snooker tables — no, I am teasing about the last bit.

Perhaps the british should buy chinese knockoffs to supplant their losses
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