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I am addicted to Mcdonalds. It is only 7:15am and i’m already eating burger. How did our politicians get us in such bad shape in the USA we crave and desire this goyslop daily? I literally have withdrawals without my daily dose of Mcd’s.
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Why did westerners wake up china ?

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Didn't your Napoleon tell you from 19th century not to awaken the sleeping Chinese dragon ? Why don't you listen to him ?
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The image that broke NAFO, disco troons, /k/opers and /uhg/ shills. It's beautiful.
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ITT: white people fashion
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More and more Christians are conceding parts of the Old Testament. "Adam was metaphorical". "Noah was symbolic". "Abraham was allegorical". "Moses was just an analogy". "David was a myth". "Job was just a parable". How soon before they cuck on Jesus and say he never existed historically but was only a "spirit" and an "example of tolerance"? Something akin to Richard Carrier's cosmic Jesus? This might sound silly but as little as 100 years ago it was unthinkable that a Christian would ever deny the existence of Adam, Noah, Abraham, etc which is what the majority of the "educated" Christian world today is doing besides a few traditionalist and fundamentalist groups (who are mostly memeing and probably wouldn't be able to pass a lie detector test).
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Can blacks maintain a society?
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>misogyny isn't rea-
Doesn't feel so good when the situation is reversed now, does it?
This is the unspeakable horror women face everyday.
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Russia considers an attack on its internationally recognized territory a red line. This is the first time the capital of the Russian Federation has suffered such a massive terrorist attack. Expect tactical nukes to be used in the coming weeks.
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Do these contries have any national identity besides hating Russia?
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How has the vaccine affected you? Even if you didn't took it someone in your family did. They are probably sick and getting worse. You are seeing them descending into illness and pain.

Are you angry? Sad? Frustrated? Dissapointed? Well you can't do shit, you won't do shit. The elites are laughing their asses and they think you are obedient cattle. These people are to blame for ALL of your problems since the day you were born. The destruction of your race (regardless of which race you belong) the destruction of your country, the anihiliation of the economy, feminism, atheism, the LGBT cult, slavery, child trafficking, organ harvesting, pedo rings, everything what is evil in this world. Even the fact that you don't have a woman because they literally created the "sexual revolution"

You are a powerless coward. You don't believe me? Here, I'm even going to tell you their names. And you will still remain a frustrated coward.
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