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I’m addicted to xanax, lormetazepam and oxycontin
i went to the doctor with mild anxiety and slight back pain and this is what was pushed on me
i have part of the blame for not reasearching the shit inwas taking but wtf
is it normal for doctor to just give out drugs like this?
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You polfags NEED to leave Elon alone

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How do you think a normal person outside of this filthy site would react to this? Thankfully it is no longer visible in the thread.
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He knows about /pol/!

Say hi to Mr. Rothschild!
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New Star Wars movie bombed because the lead was a fucking WHITE MALE
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Just a reminder that Israeli Jews are good Jews. They are right-wing and supported the White ethnostate of South Africa.
The bad Jews are the globalist Jews who push mass immigration and control the media.
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If Japan is such a paradise that liberals make it out to be when they talk about it in gun laws then why is their suicide rate so high?
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Anyone else want this game now?

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