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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

WH Public Pool:

>Pres Trump/VP Pence/ActDefSec Shanahan @Pentagon on Missile Defense Review 1/17/19
>VASec Wilkie TownHall on State of VA 1/17/19
>VASec Wilkie on FoxNews 1/17/19
>Nancy Gets Grounded 1/17/19
>VP Pence/SoS Pompeo @Global Chiefs Of Mission Conf 1/16/19
>ActAG Whitaker @Heritage Found on Religious Freedom 1/16/19
>HHSSec Azar on FBN 1/16/19
>PressSec Sarah on F&F 1/16/19
>PressSec Sarah outside WH 1/16/19
>ActDefSec Shanahan welcomes Japan DM Iwaya 1/16/19
>EPAAdm Wheeler Confirmation Hearing 1/16/19
>AG Nominee Barr Confirmation Hearing Day 2 1/16/19
>Lara Trump on Hannity 1/16/19
>CEAChair Hassett on FBN 1/15/19
>WHStratCommDir Schlapp on FBN 1/15/19
>WHStratCommDir Schlapp outside WH 1/15/19
>AG Nominee Barr Confirmation Hearing 1/15/19
>GOPAd: Just Ask Democrats 1/15/19
>WHVideo: Pres Trump Welcomes Clemson Tigers to WH 1/15/19

OP pastebin:
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Today Sweden voted for a neo-socialist government with the historic support from liberals. The liberal coalition is dead and buried, so socialists will drive this boat until next election.

Punish us /pol/
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Wageslaving and the state of being a slave

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I'll preface this by asking, "does anyone actually enjoys being a wageslave?" I'm in school (XD kek) and have gotten a job on the weekends as a line cook. I worked previously for about two years in a grocery store as well as at a catering place.
With that, the absolute dread I feel as my shift approaches is unlike anything I feel elsewhere. It is entirely soul crushing and I hope that I die on the way to "work."
Now, I define "wageslave" as anyone who trades labor (and time) for a "wage" aka momentary payment. This covers the vast majority of "careers," including trades and most salaried positions. Administrative jobs, financial sector (bankers and traders), and real estate owners are separated in my mind, but liable to critique here as well.
Why do people voluntarily do this shit? I can't fathom "working" 5,6, or 7 days a week like some people do. Are the material pleasures derived from money so pacifying? Can you imagine if even half of all eligible workers stopped caring about the new iphone or 3 meals a day? The bread and circus meme is real, and everyone, literally *everyone* (on both "sides" of the political "spectrum") would rather exchange their life-force for Goldstein's "money" (literally just paper the sheep agree has worth) than risk some comfort and actually enact change.
I know full well ill be attacked by boomers, bootlickers, and cucks who think I should be grateful that I have a job.
I know I could kill myself, find a new job, or just refuse to make money, but I want to understand *why* the average normie is so content with this.
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System of a down with the right?

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Is System of a down a little redpilled or am I just a retard? Tbh blasting them in my truck is really good rage fuel.

Let me make my argument:

They are Armenian so we know they hate Muslims...

Here's some lyrics

>Science fails to recognize the single most
Potent element of human existence
Letting the reigns go to the unfolding
Is faith, faith, faith, faith
Science has failed our world
Science has failed our Mother Earth

>I cannot disguise
>All the stomach pains and
>And the walking of the cranes
>When you, do come out
>And you whisper up to me
>In your life of tragedy

>But I cannot grow
>Till you eat the last of me
>Oh, when will I be free?

>And (((you)))
>A (((parasite)))
>Just find another host
>Just another fool to roast, 'cause

>My (((tapeworm))) tells me what to do

>My (((tapeworm))) tells me where to go

>Pull the (((tapeworm))) out of your ass,
>Pull the (((tapeworm))) out of your ass,
>Pull the (((tapeworm))) out of your ass,
>Pull the (((tapeworm))) out of your ass,

>I cannot deny
>All the evil traits
>And the filling of the crates
>When you (((you))), do come out (out)
>And you slither up to me
>In your pimpin majesty

>But I cannot grow
>Till (((you))) eat the last of me
>Oh, when will I be free?

I can make these connections all day.
What's the /pol/ opinion?
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Will National Socialism rise again?
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I just hit thirty, and I give up. I'm the biggest loser I know

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I was born with brain damage from a doctor poking into my skull with a scapula, or something like that, and it caused me to be just damaged enough to be that weird kid that never developed out of being a fourteen year old, so after around eighth grade, my friends moved on, and I seemed to stagnate.

All the friends I had from elementary to eighth grade were all going to each others high school parties, and eventually into college with one another, whereas I hung out with the weird kids that listened to ICP, had weird physical mal-deformities, or obvious brain damage. We were such losers, that we weren't even bullied, because we didn't even fall into the category of the bullied, as we were beneath even them. We didn't exist.

I stayed in touch with only a handful of old childhood friends, but as time went on, I began to realize that none of them really talked to me, they just asked how I was doing, listened, and quickly hung up the phone when they finally got me to shut the fuck up. One of those friends, Aaron, last spoke to me four years ago, when I was twenty six, and embarrassed me, and actually made me wake up to who I really am.

For years, I've blamed, blamed, blamed. I'm the way I am because of this person, or that person. I can't get a real job because society, society, society. I can't go back to school because this, that, or the other. So well into adulthood, I've rebelled, and because of it, I literally don't have one real friend, and I don't speak to anyone in my family, anymore, and my family is huge. This all started fomenting into what it currently is the night I saw Aaron, after nearly eight years.

Me and Aaron are totally different. I'm 5,8, stocky, and with, what I am now starting to realize, a very lame goatee that I am going to shave off soon. Four years ago, I was no different, because I never tried to improve my weight or get less cucked facial hair. Besides this my clothing style is probably the worst thing about my outward apperance.
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Trump supporters are uneducated inbreds that vote against their own economic interests

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China is telling the truth about Canada

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They don't have 'rule of law', it's why all the business and investments are fleeing. Their constitution says their rights can be revoked at the governments choosing. Canada has the idea of rule of law but it's an oligarchy and china recognizes that.