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Is baseball a white mans sport?
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Is nofap redpill?

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Every time I try nofap I last 4 days, look at degenerate porn and blow a massive nut. Is it really redpill?
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How do we fix the Roastie effect and make men great again?
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only good nazi is a dead one.
freedom will prevail
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In a culture that is self-centered in the extreme, why does being explicit about it (not in a bad way) trigger people?
Why a person who goes to the gym 3 hours a day 5 days a week, is not called upon, but when dares to say "i think the bodybuilding stuff has made me more attractive" gets flamed af? It seems that all people like to see is the misery of the others, then they show themselves so compassionate, so above the tiny stuff of life.
PS : Dont call names, i would only imagine losing 10 kgs and having normal bmi, let alone building muscle:P
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Project Blue Beam

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Can we get a project blue beam discussion going on
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What political ideology was Bane? He gives the power back to the people and settles disputes in courts. Seems like an ancap to me.
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"All he does is watch FOX News like a parrot and repeats, while he looks like a canary with a beak."

How will Drumpf recover from this level of word play, witticism, and, dare I say it... lyrical genius? Slim Shady does it again, using nothing but his mic and notepad to take Drumpf down a notch. This is what speaking truth to power looks like Drumpfkins. #Resist #Impeach45
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Episode 2 of Eric Striker and Mike Enoch's paywall show is out!

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Welcome to the second installment of STRIKE and MIKE! Mike Enoch and Eric Striker sit down for two and a half hours of the biggest brained content on the alt-right.

Topics covered this episode:

James Fields, Charlottesvile and the two tiered justice system

How we know that the J-left knows that they are lackeys of establishment

The Js Who Stole Christmas (ACLU, The Satanic Temple)

YouTube Skeptics War
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