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Leftists are doomed

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I had recently come across an old friend that i hadn't talked to for a long time. Here's how it went
>we catch up
>she's the "strong, independent" feminist whore who's been with at least 10 guys
>wants to break up with her current bf cause he's "too controlling".
i wish i could make this up
>she shows me all these stupid feminist tatoos
>she starts talking about "sticking it to the man" and capitalism being bad
>She actually believes that Trump molested women based off the "grab her by the pussy" tape
>she starts babbling on how socialism is better
>then proceeds to talk about the protests and how she supports blm, the pipeline protestors and how she supports the protesters who block the roads
>says how cars shouldn't be hitting them
>I tell her that they shouldn't be in the road in the first place because then you'll get hit
>she doesn't respond with an argument, just states how "shit should be sut down" not referring to the protests.
Guys this one took a strong blue pill. The only thing that i believe will help her is divine intervention at this point. What do i do?