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No, you will not be shilled by losers from asianmasculinity who aren't trolls they are literal pathetic passive agressive trash, and not by useful beta virgin stormcuck idiots who maybe are even asianmasculinity projecting their own jealousy and insecurities or even maybe niggers who are always doing these things if you go to forum of niggers to see niggers talking.


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Sorry for use this word, but I'm in doubt of are stormcucks being virgin losers betas projecting their own insecurities and narratives for trashing the own white men like mediocre losers, or if are really the pathetic mediocre piece of shit loosers from asianmasculinity/niggers who if America was not ruled by jews they would deserve to be constantly openly and really humiliated in american industries against these pathetic piece of shit losers

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Asian woman is attracted to white men and asian women is hot too, ugly asianmasculinity loser men, niggers and other haters are jealous, stormcucks useful idiots or shills