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Christ cucks need to leave this board

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>300 AD Christianity is adopted by Rome 500 AD Rome collapses.
>600-800 AD Pagan tribes in Britain convert to Christianity, Dark ages follow
>800 AD Scandinavia begins conversion, Vikings never heard from after 1000 AD
>800-900 AD Slavs are converted, they still haven't recovered.
>1600-1700 AD people focus less on Christianity, invent telegraph, lightbulb, and the most powerful country on Earth
>1940 AD Europe and the US defeat Hitler, someone who would have returned Germany to it's religious roots.
>2000 AD Europe and US begin to turn the other cheek and let in hordes of Muslims.

For 30,000 years your ancestors worshiped nature and pagan gods. They were taken over by a Jewish branch for 1500 years. /pol/ thinks this is OK
Prepare for another dark age.