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Verification of Macron's Caymans Bank Account

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Two days ago I posted proof of Macron's tax evasion here on /pol/


Well anon, you've done it. Meme magic has done its work. This is the #1 story in France right now. It's all over the TV. It's the main article on La Monde. 4chan is mentioned a lot.


So I must admit there was a little mess up in this. People were zooming into one of the images in the previous thread and saying that it photoshopped because of some compression artifacts. The same is circulating on French twitter now in many tweets:


I am attaching higher quality versions of the previously shown pages in this thread.

I want to say sorry for the snafu, I had a little problems with our source. He is not a technical guy and decided to copypaste them into a pdf, and the high default jpeg compression wrecked the image.

The media keeps repeating Macron's "I don't have an account in the Bahamas" line over and over again. He's right, he doesn't. He has one in the Caymans, as these documents prove.

further document analysis here:

French people: Give us time. We will soon have swiftnet logs going back months and will eventually decode Macron's web of corruption. We will soon not only know where his accounts are located but the extent of the money he is hiding from your government.

All we know now is it's a lot. Standby.