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Operation Blackshit Day 3 Thread 2

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IMPORTANT: Do not say “bl a xit” (no spaces) in these threads as it increases our ranking on search engines. Instead use “bl.xit”, “bl a xit”, “blxt”, etc. We also have a new codename :DDD.

1. Organization twitter account - DONE @officialbl a xit
2. Organization website with following pages: PARTIALLY DONE (officialbl a xit.com)
a. Host for infographics
b. Compilation of fake statistics
i. Link statistics to other websites about black nationalism
ii. Create blogs to host these statistics
iii. Put them in pdf form so they look legitimate
c. Links to outside Bl.xit articles
d. Official manifesto
e. Articles about Bl.xit written by members
f. Biographies about people like DuBois, Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey with quote compilations detailing their views about Black Separatism
3. Crowdfunding
a. purchases that may want to be made with the money:
i. ad space on websites
ii. videos (perhaps from fiverr) detailing plans of Bl.xit
4. Make Lib memes guilting them into going along with the movement

>https://hashtagnow.co/hashtag/BL A XIT
>http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/2016/07/bl a xit-taking-with-us.html

>#Bl.xit #BLM #BlackTwitter #Bl.xodus #Black Lives Matter #Black Power

Facts to Tweet and use:
> 700 million people will be moving into African cities in the next 35 years – that means building an entire New York City every six months until 2050
> Nine out of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa
> African startups raised USD 187.5 million last year
> African venture capital companies reported up to 330% growth last year
> Africa is home to one billion people and 200 million of these are aged 15-24
> Africa has the fastest growing middle class in the world
> Smartphone usage is at a tipping point, expected to reach 400 million users in 2020