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How Can We Begin Rebuilding?

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Many here feel demoralized by Saturday's events, but I believe that this is is only a battle we've lost - not the war. With time, we will recover, but we need to take active steps now; let this defeat serve as a lesson to us.

Let us discuss ideas for how we can begin rebuilding, and more importantly, for how we can protect ourselves against defeats like this in the future. I'll try to get the ball rolling:

Our oppositions - Antifa, BLM etc. - do not have their shit together. The media is on their side, true, but they're completely reckless, erratic and unorganized in their actions. For the most part, they're just thugs who like running around and opportunistically smashing things or throwing tear gas. They could not plan a structured, collaborated effort for their life. This is where we can differ. We can enforce structure, organization and discipline within our groups.

Furthermore, if we hope to bring people to our side, which we undoubtedly need, we cannot appear to be extremist fanatics. When your moderate or cuckservative friend sees people on his Normiebook timeline posting images from the rally of alt-righters carrying Nazi flags like in pic related, do you think he pauses to consider if they're doing it ironically or if those goys are just the most extreme participants and not necessarily representative of the whole movement? Do you think he takes a break to investigate our actual talking points? No, he begins associating us with fringe groups like the neo-Nazis or the KKK, and thinks to himself, "oh how horrible it is that such groups are still allowed to exist in the current year!" We'll need to adopt different strategies if we hope to encourage people towards our side.

Some suggestions:

> Ban dressing in Nazi regalia or engaging in Nazi conduct (saluting, shouting "blood and soil"). I'm not talking about 4chan, or any internet refuge, for that matter. I'm talking about public events, such as yesterday's rally. We can't afford bad PR.