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Purity Spirals (aka you natsoc types need to stop emulating SJWs)

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I've noticed that much like SJWs the people sympathetic to the natsoc/ethnic nationalist side of the debate seem to be caught in a purity spiral where they want to seem more ethnic nationalist then others.

Thus any concern that nazi larping and jew naming in public is counterproductive is denounced as either concern shilling, jewish trick etc.

This needs to stop, your approach might work if we had the backing of the mainstream media or major tech companies or if the aversion to people who were openly nazis and white nationalists wasn't deeply embedded in people but you need to wake up. The MSM is not on our side, most Americans even Trump supporters don't like WNs and really hate nazis.

The name of the game is to push normies as far to the right as possible. Civic nationalism ala Trump is as good as it gets right now and his policies if ever really enacted will start shifting demographics in our favor (hes already greatly lessened the Hispanic population growth problem). Don't fuck this up. If the left ever really gets back into power we are all fucked and I don't just mean politically I mean we are going to put be put in camps and killed.