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What's /pol/'s stance on homosexuality

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Just posted in a bbc/shitted.com thread and told the fellow /pol/tards that I like looking at cocks, even though they're black.

And the respond I got was so negitive, and it was mostly negitive about that I was a gay /pol/tard and part of the /polgbt/, they just told me I was human gargae and I should "kys".

So that's actually what /pol/ is about now, bashing the gays that are in your trenches fighting the good fight against mass immigration and islamification of Europe?

Shi... I didn't know it was like, I did now know you guys had such an hatred in someone who hasn't even done gay shit in quite some time.

I'm just so disappointed and hurt by this... It's not like I wanted to be some mentally ill little faggot, but I thought you guys could at least give us a break so we could show you that we're all not much of annoying little homos.