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We are not "white"

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OK /pol/, here me out; The term "white" is complete bullshit. It's a fucking racial slur. What comes to mind when you hear the term "white"? - blandness, emptiness, absence of color. No matter what the term will have negative connotations - the jews have made sure of this. You always see black comedians making fun of white people and how "vanilla" we are. Make one criticism of "black" people and you will be painted a racist nazi, while at the same time it is completely ok to shit all over "white people." You might think this is just a double standard (even if it were, it's still wrong but that's not the point,) but it's not it's different. It's because "white people" don't exist. When you make fun of black people, it's usually based on nigger activity that they actually do, but when "white" people get made fun of, it's all bullshit - a caricature of what we really are, who we really are - Europeans.