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So there was a recent case in my country in which a grocery store owner attacked a thief with a sword when the thief was discovered. The thief is still alive but will suffer permanent half-body paralysis and the owner is still charged with "murder". This sparked a debate about self-defense, the use of lethal and disproportional force against criminal.

How is the relevant law in your country? Is it a misconception that house owner in the US can use lethal force against trespasser or they really can just shoot them? How much force do you think should be used in self-defense?

In my opinion, it's hard for a victim of crime to determine how much force is necessary or how much in danger they are. Most people would likely use the most force they can in such situation and may result in death or injury of the criminal. I think the law should take more of that into account. In some cases, I think it's ridiculous that the one who commits a crime first receives lighter sentence than the victim who employs self-defense measure.