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The Absolute State of "Journalism"

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> The ADL traced its original tip to posts on 4chan, where researchers found “self-described ROF members” claiming that Cruz was a brother-in-arms. But many of those posts seem to have been written specifically to deceive reporters and researchers.

> On Wednesday, an anonymous 4chan user posted about receiving a message on Instagram from an ABC News reporter after making a joke suggesting he knew Cruz.

At some point, the trolls started a “confessional” 4chan thread dedicated to convincing readers that Cruz had been a member of ROF. The ADL confirmed this 4chan post was the one that led to their blog post.

"After seeing that 4chan post, we called Jereb and he told us what he told us," said an ADL spokesperson.

> "Also ABC called back they are having trouble verifying Nikolas envolvement," The Floridian also wrote. ABC News reported speaking with Jereb directly, as did the AP, The Daily Beast, and other outlets.

> By Thursday evening, 4chan users were celebrating their efforts, posting screenshots of their communications with reporters and faux posts pretending to be ROF members.

> “[T]hey are so hungry for a story that they'll just believe anything as long as its corroborated by a few people and seems legit,” wrote the creator of one 4chan thread.

> Donovan, the disinformation researcher, said reporters need to be more vigilant against these kinds of campaigns, which are going to get only more common and more sophisticated.


And these people call themselves journalists. Nice professional reporting from these professional. 10/10.

Oh, are they going to report that Nicolas Cruz is Jewish? ADL and MSM on suicide watch.