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Two new pages of Anne Frank's diary have been released, and it is beautiful

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The contents are truly incredible. Here's my news source: https://www.nu.nl/binnenland/5266874/twee-nieuwe-paginas-dagboek-anne-frank-seksuele-voorlichting-onthuld.html
Obviously it's all in Dutch but I bet google translate can get you a long way.
And here's a link to the pages themselves: http://www.annefrank.org/ImageVaultFiles/id_19221/cf_21/Foto_tekst_afgeplaktepaginas_AFS_Disclaimer_NL-EN.PDF

>with new technology the 2 pages that were deliberately stuck together are now readable
>the pages contain dirty jokes and her opinion on sex ed
>the first page contains mainly of crossed out sentences
>she writes that 'since this page is ruined anyway i'll just use it to write dirty jokes on it'
>on the second page she writes about sexuality and mentions prostitution

I shit you not this is legit.