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Fuck all the people who are anti-net neutrality.

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>1.) Few months ago a team of liberal fags pursued Harvard's IT department to make a comment bot.

>2.) they used this bot on /pol on full capacity (remember those weird top threads which made no sense and if you ask them whats going on the bot would answer "this is good it's RP")

>3.) Ajit 'smegma licker' pai got contacted by some PR firm and they told him the potential of this bot, pai paid them money(yup they are using all anti-national/terrorist tactics to destroy us, he even paid for DDoSing)

>4.)They use this same bot on all net-neutrality thread on /pol to oppose net neutrality.

>5.)Many faggots of /pol actually started believing that we should end net neutrality and started being anti- net-neutrality on their own.

this thread is to roast these faggots and watch these faggots going full retarded.