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The Republican party continues showing mercy in a time when righteousness is needed, and I'm beginning to believe it's not mercy at all. It's fear, or just plain apathy. They begrudgingly got on Trump's side and continue to be dragged unwillingly along with him. So Lindsey Graham yelled once? Wooow so tough. They're not just wimps, they're political cuckolds and they are giving America away, to the people that in just two years have done demonic things.

>Obvious ballot stuffing in multiple states
>Steve Scalise SHOT
>Antifa, riots, calling for bloodbath
>Rand Paul's ribs broken
>Normalizing racism, violence and xenophobia
>99% negative media coverage of Trump
>Accused scotus of rape
>Accused Moore of pedophilia, losing him the seat
>"We know where you sleep Tucker Carlson"
>Mysterious truck parked ON THE TRACKS that Republicans SMASH INTO
>Funding the migrant Caravan
>Honestly, probably #pizzagate
>Banning rightwingers from Twitter/Youtube

I could go on, this is such a short list. Politicians are soulless to begin with, but the politicians of this potentially dying party, are becoming terrorists. They'll do anything to keep the Left alive, it's what they have worked their entire lives for. They are savages. If the GOP doesn't grow some balls they will destroy our country. The GOP needs to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

The Left has become a caged and yet calculating animal, a beast. They must be destroyed. I am compiling a list of Democratic terrorism to send to all senators. IMO, the IOTBW meme is great but has run its course, and to push it further will just backfire. I will be thinking on what the memes can do to help Trump in the meantime. We are on the right side of history. Focus your energies on bettering yourself. An inferior man is focused on advantage, a superior one on righteousness. Now is the time for righteousness. We have the Trumps and many other good Americans and folks around the world on our side.