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Where is james fields Jr?

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>no where to be found in the BOP system
>no state or city jail roster has him listed
>no media reporting on where hes incarcerated
>public pretender assigned to him not answering or returning calls.

It's all very strange, thus started because a girl i know wanted to organize a charity for his commissary funds and to send letters of encouragement to him.
But when we called the regional/state jail they said they dont have him and told us to contact marshalls who were helpful until we told them who we were looking for at which point they told us they don't give out that information and we would need to contact his attorney.
Thats when this whole rabid hole started I really cant find any record of this kids whereabouts.

> Bureau of prisons
Keeps telling me my link is spam so just Google bop inmate search and look him up.

>Albemarle regional jail
Wont allow to post any of this info eother so fuck it

Just do the 2 minutes of research and tell me this isnt some sketchy shit.
Help me find james anons.