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Occultism, Freemasonry and other satanic Faggotry in the Government

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ITT we expose the government as satanic faggots and deoccult their symbols

This is in front of the IRS building 5000 Ellin Road. you see for once he 2 pillars boaz and jachin, symbolizing the sun and the moon, famous freemason imagery. also probably representing the 2 temples (like the twintowers were too)that got destroyed on tisha bav, a jewish holiday associated with destruction of their 2 temples and other misfortunes. the 2 pillars are seperated in 13 parts. In Base 12 mathematics ancients used across the world and is still used today (12 inches in a foot, 12 months in year, 2 times 12 hours a day, 12 Zodiacs, etc.) 13 is the end of the old and a beginning of the new (world order?)
Also there is also the 13th zodiac being the serpent bearer
like the serpent in garden eden.

The pillars are black and white, symbolizing the duality of good and evil, as above so below etc. with the hands doing the as above so below gesture even.

The pyramid is a symbol of hierachy. Also in old times they thought the gods live on the mountains, so people build their own mountains (zygguraths/pyramids) to reside upon them with themselves being the capstone, the all seeing eye overlooking their realm
In this case on the pyramid is written „we the people“ together with the constitution on the black part, the white capstone on the other hand, the top of the hierachy, the godlike elite is seperated from the constitution and its rules, literally above it