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Today's the day King Philip IV of France arrested and beheaded hundreds of Knights Templars, the predecessors to the Freemasons. He was aware of the Jews and their good goy club. He tried to rid France of Jews and their good goys.

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by kikes, boomers, and good goys because their precious degenerate Templars were removed from the face of the Earth by Saint Philip. However, to /pol/ it's a very lucky day the symbolizes the death of the Jew.

Everyone should be celebrating!! Fuck Freemasons

>The most notable conflicts of Philip's reign include a dispute with the English over King Edward I's fiefs in southwestern France, and a war with the Flemish, who had rebelled against French royal authority and humiliated Philip at the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302. In 1306, Philip EXPELLED THE JEWS FROM FRANCE, and in 1307 he ANNIHALATED the order of the Knights Templar. He was in debt to both groups and saw them as a "state within the state". To further strengthen the monarchy, Philip tried to take control of the French clergy, leading to a violent conflict with Pope Boniface VIII. This conflict resulted in the transfer of the papal court to the enclave of Avignon in 1309.