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pull your stocks now--pandemic incoming

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So I'm kind of glad I didn't say anything about it two days ago when I was tempted to post but I knew about this ahead of time. I decided against posting on Tuesday that WHO was about to declare a global emergency but I've still had mixed feelings and I can't be easily identified at this point so I'll let you know now /pol/ that it's way worse than what you're being told. I'll preface this by saying I work in finance and have friends and family in the medical industry and field, including at CDC and one close friend at WHO.

For starters the Ro (pronounced R naught) is actually around 6, not 3. Secondly it's slightly more lethal in current form, with China covering up a LOT of the deaths by passing them off as heart attacks, pneumonia, kidney failure, all sorts of official causes to hide the real numbers. CDC and WHO are highly aware of this. You will also hear the phrase "confirmed cases." It's presently thought by epidemiologists that China surpassed 120,000 cases on Tuesday at the lowest; it is also possible they hit 100k over a week ago. All they know for sure is China definitely had at minimum 120,000 infections by Tuesday.

There are very high profile investors who've been silently pulling out ahead of time. Travel and tourism, the hospitality and service industries, these are just the most immediate and obvious. Manufacturing is about to go on a wild ride. The only "safe" industries to invest in right now are the biomedical fields and plastics oddly enough. Virtually all other industries are going to be massively hit and anybody in the know has been trying to do this as quietly as possible before SHTF partly to avoid insider trading allegations but more importantly to not start a panic.

This is also why CDC and WHO is hiding it. So far as they are concerned, no matter how bad the disease is, a panic is always going to be worse. This is also why a lot of economists are downplaying it or outright lying to you.
in the next year or two.