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I've (probably) assembled the pieces of the puzzle.

- In order to legally destroy Biden and Cie., Trump had to let him take office. Therefore, a fake Oval Office has been set up to inaugurate Biden. This office is located in Castle Rock.

- Biden's team/Hunter etc are offered deals in exchange for playing along - it's that or they probably die.

- Expect lawsuits and media claiming that Trump has been reinstated as president possibly with a re-election for good form. Potentially military trials for treason.

- However, the deep state might not be publicly shown for the monsters they are because the good guys don't want to demoralize half of the planet.

- Possible conflict with China.

Here is all I could muster, I'm not Q or affiliated, just a dude in his mancave trying to make sense from all the information and proof that can be accepted with a good probability of accuracy.

Don't lose hope Ameribros, the dream can never end!