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There is no TFR over Mar-A-Lago

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There is no temporary flight restriction (TFR) over
Mar-A-Lago. All former Presidents including Carter, Obama, and Bush have TFRs over their residences; you can see the red circle on flightaware over north Dallas.

This is another data point showing that something is strange. Add that with this:

1. Biden did not fly on a government aircraft to his inauguration.
2. The marines are not saluting Biden.
3. Members of the Nat'l Guard turned their backs on Biden.
4. Biden did not receive a 21-gun salute nor did he have the right music played at his inauguration.

Folks, you may not believe anything is happening, but I think it is.

It is extremely strange that a former President doesn't have a TFR over his residence. It suggests that he is no longer in Florida.

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK47z2QBV0Y
2. https://flightaware.com/