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lads, i've been following this mysterious disappearance of gabby petito. she is some newbie instagramer who does this 'van-life' shit.
>from NYC
>buys a van with a beta-male
>subscribes to this new 'van-life trend'
>launches a bunch of social media accounts
>records her travels with said dude to yellowstone
>gets hotel room in SLC to take a break
>she whores around that night and he breaks up with her and flies home
>she entices him back, and being a betasoy he flies back to SLC
>she is still whoring (niggers?) when he gets there
>gets her back in van to goto yellowstone
>she ditches him to go back to SLC to further whore
>he drives home
>stopped by cop and retains a lawyer

Don't be fooled