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You are all wrong about the vaccines

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What you think about the vaccine isn't true. The vaccine doesn't sterilize you. It doesn't kill you. Matter of fact, it won't do you any harm at all.

Why? Well, certainly not because the (((elites))) are good people.

But consider the following: If you were among the elites and wanted to create a dependend cattle population, ready for the great reset, wouldn't it be pointless to sterilize and kill the people who are obeying your agenda, only leaving intact the people who resist your great reset? That wouldn't make any sense whatsoever.

No, I'm gonna tell you what's really happening: COVID is an engineered illness. It is designed to mutate rapidly (thus, we have tens of variants already). This winter, when everyone who obeys the elites is vaccinated, they will release another variant and claim it developed naturally through mutation. This variant will be much more dangerous but only attacks the unvaccinated. It can be SPREAD by people who are vaccinated, mind you, but will only HARM those that aren't. This way, the elites can make sure that only the mindless, brainwashed cattle will remain unscathed. Everyone they consider a danger will either die or be sterilized. Not through the vaccine, but through the new variant. This is their plan.

Did you really think you would get away by just refusing to get vaccinated? Hahaha, think again.