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Remind me again why every midwit /pol/tard's fantasy is to bug out and live in a cucks hack in the wilderness instead of buying a yacht and sailing the high seas?

>muh maintenance
>muh running cost
This is a cute way of saying you're a midwit and you don't ever see yourself being anything other than a midwit.

Maintenance only costs alot if you don't do it yourself and many people that live full time on a yacht do it for less than 1k a month and you could probably do it cheaper if all you eat is seafood and only use the sails. Which isn't super realistic mind you.

Benifits of the boatpill
>It costs less than a house (if you do it right)
>you get to see more of the world than the 3 trees near your cuckshack in the wilderness
>if you have game you can spread your seed to many exotic women
>boats are cool