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PDF: https://files.catbox.moe01teql.zip
Latex Source for those of you that want to self-insert yourself into a sex scene with Aphrodite: https://files.catbox.moe/1nq8az.zip
I tried playing around with pandoc for converting to epub, but it doesn't seem to like it. Perhaps another anon will be able to do so.

> What the fuck is this shit?
Murdoch Murdoch's take on an angsty teenage hero's journey story in novella form after he drank too much philosophy juice while browsing /pol/. Its like Guardian of The Rune or Last Son of The West without the pretty pictures. In it, he declares that he is The Sacred Clown Man and advocates for a forward-looking, dare-I-say 'progressive' form of "nice-guy" National Socialism based on some mystical bullshit as opposed to yelling 'nigger' all the time, and simps a lot for the murdoch-chan self-insert, Aphrodite. He also fights a big elephant and a bigger donkey, and cries like a little bitch.

I've gotten rid of most spelling and grammar errors, and rephrased a number of things to mitigate some of the most egregious crimes against the English language including a lot of the overuse of things like:
> Verily, my face turns to confusion
> However, I gnash my teeth, and the brits gnash their teeth, and my mum gnashes her teeth
> For I am a writer. For this is my job. For this that and the other thing
> All of a sudden a man suddenly appeared in an instant
> It is well with me
> we finally begin to make our way
> There, is this thing, I do with commas, to add a pause, where one isn't really necessary
> I am hit with the force of a tactical nuke, however, I quickly get back up with wicked speed
> A lot of people 'letting out' things
and other assorted awkward phrasing.
I hope MM doesn't mind. Some of the phrases are probably memeable so I don't know if they are intentional.

All bible quotes are KJV because NIV is for niggers
I don't know what a Hiindin is or why it likes mud and sick so don't ask me. I'll correct this if murdoch clarifies.