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Finland crowns a white girl as "St. Lucia"

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For centuries now, Finland has crowned every year before Christmas a young girl aged 13 to 16 as a saint Lucia (Valotar in Finnish, meaning lightbringer). Coincidentally Lucis means light in Ancient Italian.

Lucias story began in Syracuse Italy in 300 Anno Domini, that's 1700 years ago. Somehow the tradition celebrating this Christian saint travelled all the way to Finland at some unknown point of time.

Tilde Polviander, 16, was just cronwed as Saint Lucia. But she is very white! And this is the year 2021. Can't we have a black somali girl as a Lucia these days?

Tilde was crowned as Lucia by Mika Salminen, the most famoues expert in coronavirus in Finland. Coincidentally corona means crown in Ancient Italian so that went well.