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Mr. Bond confirmed alive

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/ourguy/ was arrested in January this year
After 10 months of his kidnapping by ZOG, he’s been found and contacted
His indictment is available for viewing, so far
>(((DerStandard))) austrian daily jewish press reports him facing 20 years, but author was involved in watching him for years https://archive.md/vF1Ao
From prosecutor’s letter in drive link document below:
>they got him in his home
>searched his home, pc, and wardrobe(probably illegal search)
>happy merchant memes that he emailed
>NS era books
>found WWI imperial flag
>8 tshirts with black sun and roman eagle
>document cites mostly lyrics from different songs about the Juden
>He is being accused under a 1947 NS law
>he’s not saying shit/testifying/cooperating
>probably having his rights violated
it’s like with Jews, you lose, you know what I mean?

Send that mothafucka love, /pol/

Philip Hassler
JA Josefstadt
Wickenburggasse 18-22,
1080 Wien,

>*notes: Surname is actually Haßler, but Hassler works too. Wien means Vienna, Josefstadt is the facility name where he’s held captive based on documents below. JA is shortform for prison in German.


For you newfags out there go educate yourself:
>literally who
a /pol/tard anon who parodied 91 songs with black humor and satire, had millions of views on Jewtube in 2015
His arrest was covered on Vice: https://archive.md/8rDPn
>Why is he in jail?
For making /pol/ music
>why should we care?
This means free speech is a thing of the past. Yes, even satire, or even larp
>music where
>latest news?