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/>What the fuck is this shit?
Murdoch Murdoch's take on an angsty teenage hero's journey story in novella form after he drank too much philosophy juice while browsing /pol/. Its like Guardian of The Rune or Last Son of The West without the pretty pictures. In it, he declares that he is The Sacred Clown Man and advocates for a forward-looking, dare-I-say 'progressive' form of "nice-guy" National Socialism based on some mystical bullshit as opposed to yelling 'nigger' all the time, and simps a lot for the murdoch-chan self-insert, Aphrodite. He also fights a big elephant and a bigger donkey, and cries like a little bitch.

I've reformatted the new Murdoch Murdoch book published earlier this year to be a nicer read and also printable on paperback. I didn't like the front page so I made my own cover. Yes, it is minimalist. Yes, it looks like globohomo. Feel free to replace the front page with the original cover art if you care that much. I was considering making an alternate version with the original art but I am too lazy to do it now since i'm already almost done making the thread.

Hopefully this version is easier on the eyes than the others, and can possibly be printed someday. There are bound to be many mistakes but its better than nothing.