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I'm not lying, this has happened at my past 3 jobs

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>start office job
>female manager
>things going well, work being done on time
>job involves generic officeshit, emailing lots of people, asking other people to send or do little bits of work
>nothing but praise from manager
>few months in
>having a regular weekly meeting with manager
>they give me "the talk"
>the talk usually goes something like: "So...... Anon...... You're not the most social person, are you- nothing wrong with that, not everyone is a huge extrovert of course *worried, pitying, horrified look*. So... is there anything wrong? No, everything's fine? Oh... Have you considered ever getting a diagnosis..."
>relationship plummets from there, as they increasingly claim that "even though I do the work, I'm not showing enough people building team relations happy clappy skills"

I know I'm an ugly beta but I didn't think normies would so consistently dislike me.