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▶Day: 120 - Daily battlefield assessment : https://isw.pub/RusCampaignJune22

>Russian forces capture several towns near eastern cities Lysychansk & Sievierodonetsk
>Ukrainian forces attack oil rigs in the Black Sea
>UK MoD: Consistent failures of Russian air force have significantly contributed to Russia’s limited success in Ukraine
>Ukrainian forces sink Russian Navy supply vessel using western supplied Harpoon missile
>Ukrainian sources: Russian forces control all of Severodonetsk with the exception of Azot industrial zone
>EU leaders visit Kyiv
>Ukrainian fighters inside the Severodonetsk Azot chemical plant ignored a Russian ultimatum to surrender
>All three bridges leading to Severodonetsk have been destroyed, as Russia tries too prevent Ukrainian defenders in the city from resupplying
>Mykolaiv Governor: Ukrainian army is running out of ammunition
>DPR courts sentence two British nationals and a Morrocan, captured in Mariupol, to death
>Russian Mjr General Roman Kutuzov killed in Donbas, the 11th Russian General KIA this war
>Ukrainian forces reportedly reclaim ground in Severodonetsk, inflicting heavy damage to Russian forces

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https://odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)
https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (tracking visually confirmed equipment losses)

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