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Man rapes woman with 8” dildo after she admitted to fucking a black guy

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>A 51-year-old Florida man is behind bars this week after police say he held a woman captive in his home for nearly a week while he beat and raped her after he learned she slept with a Black man. Charles Anthony Tanner was taken into custody and charged with a slew of felonies, including sexual battery, aggravated battery, false imprisonment, and aggravated assault, court documents reviewed show.
>On approximately June 3, the victim allegedly went to Tanner’s home, whom she’d known for five years, because he offered to provide her with heroine and she was in withdrawal, according to the authorities.
>“The defendant-reached out to A.H. several times through Facebook asking her to come over and he would provide her with any drugs she wanted,” the affidavit goes on. “A.H. admitted that she went over to the defendant’s house and was provided drugs by the defendant. After a couple hours of ‘enjoying her high’ the defendant would then want to have sex with her as payment.”
>The victim allegedly then said she and Tanner engaged in consensual sex, before which she said she specified that she was not into “any kind of aggressive sex.” Afterwards, the victim and Tanner were allegedly talking, and her romantic past came up. She admitted to having “a relationship with another male.”
>“‘This enraged the defendant when he learned that the male she had a relationship with was of African American decent. The defendant then kicked A.H. in the head,” the affidavit says. “Over the next several days the defendant would beat A.H. with a closed fist and berate her about being unfaithful during [redacted] with a ‘N****r.’ The defendant would then smoke methamphetamine, become enraged and then forcefully have sex with A.H. against her will or make her perform oral sex on him to the point of her vomiting into a bucket in the room. A.H. recalled the defendant stating that he like the fact she was vomiting and seemed to be aroused by her condition.”