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Mr. Bond Sentenced 10yrs for Music Writes to /pol/ from Prison

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July 22, 2022

Hello Friends,
If you're reading this, you are probably aware of my arrest in January 2021 and my trial in March 2022, and the insane verdict I received.
Because I've been incarcerated ever since, I haven't been able to directly communicate with anyone, except for a few people who dared to write me with a return address.

This is why I've asked my friends to publish this message, because I want to finally say thank you to everyone out there who supported me in any way. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my legal fund, thank you to all the guys who organized the whole thing and even put up a website to help me. I'm totally cut off in here, so for a long time, I had no idea about all the things that were going on outside. What people were doing, saying, what the press was writing, etc. I still don't know a lot.

Thank you also to everyone spreading the word about my case, all the people and groups who sent me anonymous letters and postcards - I appreciate each and every one of them. It's a pity I can't reply to you personally. I'd love to get to know the people behind all those nice and encouraging messages and link up with you, especially the closer ones from Austria and Germany...but of course I understand you wish to remain in the dark.
To everyone who DID leave a (real) return address and didn't get a reply from me - they either censored your letter, or my response. In that case I'm sorry, just don't think it was me ignoring you intentionally.