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/pol/der Neder Draad: Hongerwinter 2.0 edition

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> Children literally go hungry because parents can't buy them food anymore
> Food banks can't give everyone food for the whole week anymore, 3-4 days worth of food is ''already fantastic if we can pull that off''
> Opening of the year for government ''Prince Day'' was three days ago, the king got boo'd by half the crowd and then nervously presented what can only be described as a WEF handbook. "Muh worries about polarisation and division" while also announcing WEF shit to ensure it gets worse
> PM Rutte denounces the crowd for saying the king is a traitor
> Two days ago parliament had its first session for the parliamentary year; the fact 87% of the people hate the government (according to polls) and the fact everyone got poorer was a big issue, deflected with ''muh Ukraine''.
> After exposing Marxist academia, MP Baudet was thrown out of parliament after the WEF Cabinet threw a fit
> Afterwards, calls were made to liquidate MP Baudet.
> The Dutch army, the butt of many jokes is the only one who is able and willing to remove farmer's tractors
> Economy is coming down; food banks elevated the entry levels, small businesses that rely on gas (e.g. bakers) shutting down left and right
> 50% of the population states they can't decrease their living costs any further.
> Goverment wants electricity prices to go down.. starting November. Maybe a bit.
> FNV Union demands all salaries be increased with the percentage of inflation
> ''Trust in politics at a historic low level: 78% has a very low trust in The Hague''