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/AAAT/ Armed at all times General - my stupid bitch of a gf edition

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Friends, anons, countrymen, lend me your eyes,
With these recent bouts of mass shootings, it has dawned on me that not all of you are armed all the time. Oh, I know, your work doesn't allow it. It is too cumbersome. You didn't feel like it today. What are the odds of something bad happening to me today?

You don't fight for the odds, but rather, the stakes. You only have one life to live (barring samsara being a thing) so you might as well protect it with everything you have. Obviously, you would want to carry as much firepower as possible, but in today's gun unfriendly zeitgeist, let's be honest here, it is at times beneficial to carry a mousegun.

>doesn't think belong on /k/?
No. /K/ only examines the technical aspects of firearms and is not supposed to interact with the politics/policy of said firearms. While they have recently started to delve into politics with the ukraine war, I'd rather keep this discussion on the politics focused board. But by no means fail to discuss the mechanics of firearms in the most focused and autistic ways possible, after all, we are forced into this choice DUE TO politics. Consider this also, as a sort of Every Day Carry general.

By no means, however, should you limit yourself to a mouse gun. But is an important part of any collection, and something you should always keep on you, even as a backup.

>no /nu k/ elitist bullshit. if it goes bang, it can hang. erm it's part of the gang. I'm working on it.

Happy Thanksgiving