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New demoralization idea

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>go to military recruiters
>Waste their time
>Score high on the test
Then ghost them. Thoughts?

Inb4 zogbot, recruiter, etc

No no, you absolutely shouldn't join the kiked military teeming with homosexual "rising stars".
The chain of command becomes more Jewish and homosexual the further you go up.
You'll be given a dozen vaccines and they'll probably bring back the COVID vaccine or even just sneak it in you, like one of your faggot bunkmates will try to sneak their aids cock in you while you sleep. (If you refuse either injection, you'll be discharged without benefits)
You'll be forced to wear masks.
You'll be paid a McDonald's salary with a welfare bonus that niggers get for free already.
You'll be shoved into the meat grinder of ww3
You'll be surrounded by woke shit skins who think you're privileged.

Military and friends probably run psyops and demoralization on this board and have probably harassed your Karen mother online if they spoke out about vaccines online.

So, I think people should start demoralizing the kike fag military and their recruiters that DO lurk and post here stalking you.
Just a thought.