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▶Day: 336 - Daily battlefield assessment: https://isw.pub/UkraineConflictUpdatesISW


>Increasingly likely that Sweden will send 10-12 Stridsvagn 122 tanks to Ukraine, - Visegrad
>Netherlands considering buying 18 Leopard 2 tanks leased from Germany and then donating them to Ukraine
>Norway considers delivery of 8 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine
>Germany will supply at least one company of Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine, - Der Spiegel
>German government will need up to 2 weeks to think about whether to accept Poland’s request to send Polish Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine
>US considering sending "significant number" of Abrams tanks, - WSJ
>West plans to supply the Estonian army with state-of-the-art weapon systems to "keep St. Petersburg under the gun", - Russian Ambassador V. Lipaev
>Estonia to transfer all available 155 howitzers to Ukraine
>Ukrainian officials claim that 12 countries have agreed to supply approximately 100 Leopard 2 tanks
>Macron on the possibility of supplying Leclerc tanks: "nothing is excluded."
>US Ambassador to OSCE: US will support transfer of F-16 fighter jets by allies of Ukraine
>Netherlands would consider helping Ukraine with F-16 fighters and Leopard 2 tanks
>No decision from Germany on sending tanks to Ukraine
>US to send a 2.5b$ package of military aid (59 Bradley, 90 Stryker, etc.)
>Netherlands Says Open To Paying For Leopard Tanks For Ukraine

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https://odin.tradoc.army.mil/WEG (equipment explorer)
https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-equipment.html (RU)
https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/02/attack-on-europe-documenting-ukrainian.html (UA)

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