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Being good to others gets you nowhere

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I've been good to people all my life. I would share food with others even when I was hungry too, offer help if I could help, always thought about not being a burden on others so I would keep my problems to myself. I would put myself in the shoes of others etc.
Nobody cares and if you make a single mistake they paint your identity with that immediately.
I have become a terrible misanthrope and I hate it but I know that the reason why I am this way is because what I believe in is truth, I am very certain in that belief.
I cant form relationship with others without thinking about biological conditioning these people live in like flesh robots going along with biological rules and hierarchical animal nature. I am subject to that too but I actively avoid it because I know it is not a path forward.

My ex gf was like this, I find women bit more susceptible to the herd mentallity. I loved her because she had some sort of a "soul" but she was not able to comprehend the biological conditioning and has become a turbo npc.

I am deeply saddened by the state of the world as a whole. Its vomit inducing seeing old people buying cheapest food they could buy and talking about offing themselves in the grocery store line.

What is the role for people like us in this kind of world?