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RIP alt-right trolls, SkyNet is coming for you

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Google is introducing a new program called Jigsaw Conversation AI that can systematically find, delete and block millions of sexist, racist, homophobic or anti-immigrant comments every second.


>Jigsaw is about to unleash Conversation AI on the murky challenge of harassment, where the only way to protect some of the web’s most repressed voices may be to selectively shut up others.

>We hear about an Albanian LGBT activist who tries to hide his identity on Facebook despite its real-names-only policy, an administrator for a Libyan youth group wary of government infiltrators, a defector’s memories from the digital black hole of North Korea. Game developer Zoe Quinn had been threatened repeatedly with rape, and her attackers had dug up and distributed old nude photos of her. Another visitor, Anita Sarkeesian, had moved out of her home temporarily because of numerous death threats.