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happy morning [s4s]!
the sun is coming up
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have you killed someone?

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
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crystal castlels

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Welcome newcomers. ^-^

You might feel a little lost here on [s4s], but worry not, because here are some tips for the full [s4s] quality experience!

1. Check your and others' privileges
2. Check repeating digits
3. Use emoticons to socialize and interact with others :D
4. Make ebin OC
5. Learn to cherish epic memes (related to #4)
6. Post in your local kek thread!
7. Use > for quotations of others.
8. Make high quality posts and don't reply to mean low-quality (/b/umblebutt) posts, unless checking dubs.
9. B very nice to others and don't judge pls :^)

These aren't official rules, but it would better your experience on this board much more, if u followed them. :^D
I hope [s4s] can flourish with ur help and I hope you have a great time here on this fun board!! :)
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I've been posting a (relatively) obscure instant messaging id on s4s in the hopes someone would add me and after literal days of doing that someone actually did!!!

But aside from the single message they initially sent me hey haven't otherwise replied at all!!!
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Hide pedo posts, roundhouse kick a pedo into the gutter, smash a pedo posters brains out, lynch pedo posters, decapitate all pedos, esforce belongs to the milf hunters.
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im...im...im a trans girl and i need my diaper
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sex with...

Your fortune: Outlook good
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spatsbulge sunday

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This is so thrilling.
Tomoko has taken her clothes off in a public space, where it's socially immoral to be in a state of undress. If the other students were to see her like this, it would ruin her! She'd be expelled and shamed for the rest of her life. But it's so exciting and arousing to be in such a vulnerable and lewd state. Taking the risk and getting away with it is such an adrenaline rush. My heart is pounding. It would only take a student to walk off the corridor and around the corner to see her like this. She has gotten too into it, and now if someone started to walk in her direction, there wouldn't even be enough time for her to re-dress herself. This has to stop, Tomoko! Your games are getting too dangerous!
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my bepper hurts after i rubbed it again