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I hate gays
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A pervert stuck a thumbtack up my butt!!
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I need those...
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When you go through the night and and all your steam friends slowly disapear

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image is a "funny" unrelated 2009 meme
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swaglord ban karen before it's too late
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are there any cia niggers on this site
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Disney World embarrassment

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>be me at Disney World

>walking as I brainstorm for my Mickey Mouse erotic fan fics

>family of four asks me to take a picture of them

>desperately want to say no but they're already shoving the phone into my hands

>entitled douchebag kids look at me expectantly

>takes phone

>too bright to see screen

>clicks around like a toddler with Parkinson's hoping I get the picture

>try to hand the phone back to family but they walk me over to the shade to make sure the pics are good

>opens up the gallery and mfw there's 10 selfies of my pasty fat face on this man's phone

*awkward level intensifies*

>quickly hands phone back and speed walks out of site

>looks back and locks eyes with the father who looks creeped out/confused

*regrets own existence*
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cowe watchin anime LOLE