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>be me, 20 years old
>dicking around on facebook (inb4 normalfag, I'm a messenger of kek)
>see some fine hunnie named leyla
>we'll call her ley
>anyways, add this chick
>god damn she has poppin' tits
>talk for a while
>she's suicidal, shit sucks but at least she has low enough self esteem to talk to my ugly ass
>turns out she's married and has a kid, doesn't matter tho i really wanna see dem tiddies
>fastforward a few months, still talking heavy, havent seen dem tiddies but i will soon
>we have a fight out of nowhere
>it's about her depression, I've fallen in love so I worry about her
>she blocks me
>fastforward another 2 months
>I have annoyed literally every mutual friend by forcing them to act as middle men between me and ley
>all of my friends are bullying me now, they keep trying to help me but i just want her love
>and her tiddies
>they keep inviting me to their chats but i tell them to fuck off i just want my queen
>hear she's been impregnated by her asian fuckstick of a "husband"
>seriously considering suicide

What do I do guys? I've tried telling her I love her so many times now and telling her I'll give her gifts but she says she loves her "husband" even though I know she really doesn't
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hai guysh lole
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when you get out of your last class and immediately fap for two hours
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a kid in my friends class looks like little bill
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