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>I...I won't die in vein*places hand over bloodksoaked wound on stomach*
>*raises gun*
>*points it at the badguys back, the gun wobbles as I focus to shoot*>
>I'll do just this one last thing..
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Exactly four years ago-ish

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le birthday girl
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I'm going to kill myself
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Name my band

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I am ironically gay
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Post the face you make when you shoot your man milk
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Happy day frens

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I hope you are all having a happy day it's okay if you aren't you can't always be happy
Post nice things to each other we all want to be nice to each other in our core we just forget when we get too much rude
So be nice and know there are other nice people out there that may not show it well but want to be nice as well
Nice will save us from ourselves sometimes we feel like we are the only person in the world dealing with rude because we are cut off from the niceness
But don't feel down in the end the nice is within you and within us all so be nice to others and let others be nice to you
Choose the nice