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Now tell us darling, what kind of condiment do you like on your tuna sandwiches?
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BangBang Mochi Mank Monkey Squishy Squeeze Cute Healing Toy Kawaii Collection Stress Reliever Gift Decor
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oh no oh no i just found out swaglord gives out the ability to see people's ips to anons who make posts he likes. i can't act like completely different people in different threads anymore oh god this is so embarrassing, i bet they laugh at me so much oh god
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What is this board even for? I'm seriously confused.
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Hello, roaches.

I am your master now, and I pull the strings.

Show your loyalty to me by posting your favourite meme!
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post yfw memes will never disappear
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sup bro. ready for your private swimming lesson?
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Thanks letting my

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THREAD archive
YOU unappreciative unsupportive, illiterate, inbred,
Backstabbing, double crossing, bisexual,Basterds!!!

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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Anon visits a party

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>year 1 in highschool
>out and about teen
>urgently going to party
>ready anon? Says only friend
>downtown there’s an apartment
>on tenth floor is party
>look at everyone
>everyone thinks I’m a girl
>don’t say anything
>I am greeted by a man
>Patrick Adams was his name
>Patrick tries to seduce me
>really feeling uncomfortable
>says stop it
>mr Adams says he wants to give me something
>anon I want to give you something
>don’t understand why
>ask what it is
>mr Adams says look at the first letter in each sentence
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guys can you please copy paste me the peter griffin dubstep marijuana ascii?
Thank you very much, pic unrelated, only oldfig will understand >:D
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