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I love Lusamine.She is the best character on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Some people think it's Acerola, but they don't play enough pokemon to understand they are wrong.

Some people think it's Olivia, but they haven't completed the whole game and found all the post-game secrets (like I have) so they are basing their opinion off of the very small amount of times Olivia was actually funny and single.

Some people think it's Lillie but that is not true because Lusamine is in the series.

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/img/ - Infinite Memes General

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Welcome to /ifg/ - Infinite Memes General. Behold, infinite memes. On this 10,000 x 10,000 pixel square I have devised you can draw ANYTHING by simply opening in MSpaint and letting your imagination go wild. You could simply write the word "kek". You could draw a Yosho. You could even create a brand new meme of your own. The possibilities are truly... infinite.

I have not actually tested this myself. One of YOU lucky readers will be the first to make a new meme on the IFG.

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*rediscoevrs buttre* ah yes
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Neo Nazi found in Texas

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Trevor Wayne Brunson hates blacks and claims to support the white supremacist.

lives in gun barrel city
His addition is called Bonita point
he also claimed to have hacked the Pentagon. I'm in the mood for a good laugh tonight
heres his pic
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beep boop
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>you will never wake up with a female cat straddling your lap

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