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Say nice things about muslims
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>friendzoned by crush
>shes bisexual according to my knowledge at the time
>she trusts me as a friend
>she comes out as lesbian
>mfw gayzoned and friendzoned
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[s4s] Radio LIVE - This is Nice Radio

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Oh wow...


Can you believe it?


Your fortune: Bad Luck
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how much of a smol bean are you?
are you the internet's absolute fave?
roll in this thread to find out your smol bean level
your last post number determines your score
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imagine someone hiding all your clothes while you're showering and they leave some girls clothes on your bed for you to wear
you don't want to catch a cold, so you put it on
almost immediately, your anger and frustration melts away, you start to feel warm and fuzzy, the airy feeling between your legs is one you've never felt before, it feels nice
you run up to the mirror and you're greeted not by your own reflection, but by a cute girl
with your manliness all but stripped away, you take out your phone and take a picture, you don't want this feeling to end
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the chedz
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Hey guys,

I'm a girl and I love /s4s/, dubs, the memes, and ****posting on /s4s/ in general.

I'm just a down to earth chick who's down with the internet, which I know is pretty rare, so I decided to make this thread. It must be crazy to know a girl gets all the crazy jokes on here, and can keep up with the vocabulary and memes, but I do. I especially love the more niche, inside joke sort of memes you probably think would really confuse me. I just always loved video games growing up and that naturally progressed into a love of memes and internet culture as I got older. I found out about /s4s/ because I kept liking those crazy dank meme pages on facebook, and a friend told me you guys have a very similar sense of humour.

tldr; I'm a girl who gets the /s4s/ culture, AMA.
(pic unrelated; I just really love her videos!)
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*blocks your path*
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