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>when you see a Mediterranean thread
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Daily reminder that you shouldn't create porn/rude threads in esfores, remember that this is a family-friendly funny-facebook board so please, don't let the red theme of this place fool you, it's just actually an inside ruse to make newfriends think this is not a sophisticated place, haha!
Now that you have read this you can have fun posting here!
But if you really want to post lewd/rude stuff I strongly suggest you to visit other boards more situable for that stuff like reddit and >>>/b/ :^)

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its pretty powerful!!

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the power of love!!!
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Like a sir

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Like a sir
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Deploying friend...

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Let me get a eco-friendly, syndicated, double-pulled, soma-free, silica-washed, hand-mashed, lightly-salted hotdog please!

>Here you go sir!

Thanks, that's all I really wanted.