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Sopa De Hada
Uma Delicia
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a sad yet inspiring story.
girl; boy do u like me?
boy; no!
girl; but i like you...
3 weks later
the girl is found dead in her room, their is a suicide note:
"dear, boy. i like u but you didnt like me. we could have been everything! haha lik the song this could be us but your playing. anyway i couldnt live knowing that you didnt love me. i was looking foward to 6th grade but oh well haha :'( ~danielle"
the boy visits danielles grave with a rose and his crying. "i didnt like you danielle, i loved you :(" Suddenly The Eath Started Shaking! DANiellE rised from her grave and kissed the boy!!
~~20 years later~~
Danielle And The Boy were in theyre weekly trip to the goatsee dementia. They wlawys went to the mall there because thire was cheap. Danielle was in the shoe store and Boy was getting ice cream for them. Danielle came up behing boy an supris e him!! BBOY turn around and lok at daniels new shoes! ! "damn danielle, backa tit again with the white vanssssssss" the end :)
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hello this me I am working on my 2d game

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
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onpu hot
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