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like if this is you
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this is a super rare foreign meme from a faraway place

do you like it ?
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>be me on bus.
>Heard some dude talking on the bus with the person sitting 2 seats away.
>polite dude.
>says that he is an insomniac and has gone 3 months without sleep.
>says he hallucinated a lot.
>got put on sleeping meds.
>overslept into his work schedule.
>mfw he got fired.
>mfw I'm questioning if the three months thing was bullshit.
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OG Burger Mafia in effect! We caught dis peckerwood bitch setting up shop on our turf. First nigga rolls dubs in dis thread can do what they want with her skinny ass.
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official s4s cartoon

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Just announced: [s4s] will be getting a show on Cartoon Network later this year! Here's concept art showing off the kick-ass redesign of main character Keksandra. This show will tackle some difficult themes like bullying, racism and growing up with LGBT parents. I hope you will all tune in and see what memetastic antics Keksandra and the gang get up to!

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
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Frenly reminder.
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